Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning

We are a family of voracious readers which is no surprise when you home school. We have LOTS of books.  I got the love of books from my mother who always nursed a healthy stack of books by her chair or her nightstand.  Recently, I decided to do some Spring cleaning and thought I'd try to sell some of my books on Ebay or Amazon.

I listed a few and the next day I had my first sale!  I didn't know it was that simple!  In my excitement I printed that sales receipt, packed it off and shipped it within the hour.  It was outta there!  The next day I got 2 orders!  These particular books and DVD's sold on Amazon.  I began getting e-mails from Amazon walking me through how to take care of the customer and emphasizing the importance of good seller ratings.  The thrill of someone wanting and actually purchasing my "stuff" was intoxicating!

After the third sale, the Lord impressed upon me, "Hey, you do know that this is an opportunity to share the Gospel, right?"  I was stunned.  It honestly had never crossed my mind in the excitement of me selling these items.  As if that wasn't bad enough (that I hadn't even considered this an opportunity) - wait for it- I actually balked!  Did you know that my first thought was, "Wonder if I get a negative rating because I'm a new seller?  It would kill my ability to sell!"

(sigh) I can't believe that I'd put the praise of man and the opinions of man above my obedience to God.  Seriously?  Am I still struggling with that?

I repented and the next sale I tucked a tract in the book.  If I happened to sell it to a rabid atheist who gives me low ratings and complains to Amazon, so be it.  I play to an audience of One and His opinion is the only one that matters.  Are you aware of the little opportunities God has placed in your life to be faithful?

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Katrina said...

Thanks for sharing this evangelism post. I appreciate hearing about the opportunity you saw in it and the struggle you had with it at the same time. It helps to hear these things talked about out loud.