Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Free ice cream

This morning, I had morning devotions with my children.  One of the things that I challenged them on is to have a mindset of being about the Lord's business where ever they go.  Two of them really have a heart for the Gospel.  The other two are still discovering their particular style with sharing the Gospel and are still maturing in this awareness.

My oldest has his driver's permit and is frequently asking if we need anyone to drive us to the store. As we were at the self-checkout, a man approached us and asked if we liked Graeter's ice cream.  Graeter's is a locally (think East Coast) owned ice cream manufacturer.  It is very costly because they don't whip air into the ice cream so it's very dense.  I answered that we do like it.  When he asked, "Would you like some for free?"- he had my undivided attention!  He whipped out a coupon and said that he had new coupons he just wanted to try out.  He was a representative from the company. He went and personally picked out a pint for us.  He scanned the coupon and after I realized it wasn't a scam, I thanked him.

Before I could say anything further, my son opened his wallet and handed him a million dollar bill and said, "Thanks a million!" We told him to read the message on the back as he was walking away.  He smiled and said he would.

This encounter happened so quickly, in less than 5 minutes because he was in a hurry.  Could God have used this encounter and us going to the store at that particular location, at that particular time of day, at that particular checkout to hand this man a tract that would plant a seed for his salvation?  We'll never know this side of eternity, but God does and He is looking for Christians He can use for His pleasure to accomplish His perfect will.  Are you willing to be obedient to God in the little things?

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