Friday, September 21, 2012

Order your Halloween Tracts (repost)

Now is the time to order your Halloween tracts! Then, in November, check back because most tract sites will put them on sale so you can stock up for next year. While you're at it, you might want to order your Christmas Cash as well. has some "Creepy Cash" tracts to hand out during this season. also has seasonal tracts.

Here are some ideas for handing out tracts during October:

  • Fall Festivals
  • Public Haunted Houses (Usually a civic group sponsors these)
  • See if your city has a "Halloween Express" which is a seasonal costume store and hand them out to people entering and leaving the store.
  • Check your city's calendar of events and see if there are any re-enactments of Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Our city has re-enacted "Thriller" for the last few years.
  • Then, of course, everyone is thrilled to get these tracts during the Halloween season.
  • Goto churches and hand them out if they are hosting a "Trunk or Treat" alternative to typical trick or treating.
  • Hand them out with the candy to little trick or treaters. People DO read them because we watched several people stop in the middle of the street and read them to the end.
  • Give some to your bank teller. My bank actually like my seasonal tracts. Only a moron would try use a bill with Frankenstein on it for cash.
  • Parades your city or town may have. Hand them out up an down the parade route.
I'm sure you can think of several more places to hand them out but just be diligent and DO IT!
This is one of the easiest times to talk about Christ because images of death are all around. If you want to see some experiences I had last year, check out these posts. I posted a 5 part series on the Little Five Points area of Atlanta. Here is the link to part 1.
Also, another thing you can do is print out some cards yourself from After you go to the website, click on the button "Tell someone else" on the 2nd page and print some cards to hand out.

You have about 45 days so get some tracts, get ready, and just do it!