Saturday, May 8, 2010

Have you ever wanted to study Isaiah?

Have you ever wanted to study the book of Isaiah but it seemed too overwhelming and daunting? I wouuld like to invite you to attend Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) a non-denominational, international, FREE Bible study held in locations around the world.

Until this year, BSF provided a seven year Bible study which repeated on a seven year cycle. Past studies have included Matthew, Acts of the Apostles, John, the Life of Moses (which included studying Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) Genesis, Romans, and Israel and the Minor Prophets. But, the Isaiah study will expand this to an eight year cycle beginning with the 2010-2011 year. (I'd erroneously reported that Israel and the Minor Prophets had been absorbed into the Isaiah study as that is what I'd been told in Sept 2009. Obviously, as of August 2010 that is not the case. Thank you J Bell for pointing that out!)

Until this year, BSF notes were given only in English. That did not stop thousands of people in Spanish speaking countries or languages other than English from participating though! In January of 2010, BSF made the announcement that they would begin translating the notes into Chinese! The Chinese government gave permission for BSF to open classes throughout China and this has been an amazing blessing!

I am completing my 8th year of BSF. I was privileged to be asked to teach level 4, which are 7th and 8th graders, in the Children's Program this past year. We conclude the study of the Gospel of John this Monday night.

BSF runs from September through May of each year. The study is FREE to all but donations to cover the cost of printing the materials are accepted each week. A donation is most appreciated and quite honestly should be done for this ministry.

Goto their website at for more information about the history of this fine organization started by a British missionary to China, A. Wetherell Johnson. Ms. Johnson returned to the United States over 60 years ago and began teaching the Bible to a few women who came to her begging her to teach them. Soon, her class grew and has become what it is today. On the left hand side of the home page click on "BSF classes" and locate a class in your area. You will need to contact the class administrator for that class and they will assign you a space if there are any available. Please bring your children because they study the same topic the adults do all year. They even hand out a "Home Discussion" page to facilitate family devotion time.

BSF made an incredible announcement this February when they shared that they are opening a program for infants and toddlers. Do not let the fact that you have a young child keep you from attending. BSF has day classes which offer an infant/toddler program through kindergarten. They offer evening classes for elementary school through high school ages which are conducted at the same time as the adult program. The children's program (not to be confused with the toddler-kindergarten program) is only offered in the evening because children are in school during the day.

It is non-denominational in that they do not advocate a particular denomination. They also ask participants to refrain from discussing where they goto church or particular denominational issues and rely on the Word of God to teach truth. Please consider joining the Isaiah study this fall!