Monday, January 4, 2010

Chinese Food and the Gospel

This year has already started out much better than 2009 ever was! Today we had the sweetest thing happen I'd like to share with you. My husband came home to pick me up to take me out to lunch. When we returned our oldest son told us this story.

We had left for our lunch date and our kids were supposed to make lunch for themselves. They decided they wanted Chinese food today and wanted to know if they could order take out since they had never ordered on their own before. I told them that if they wanted to order this, they would be using their own money since we had food in the house. They couldn't get off the phone fast enough! They called a place a few miles up the road and ordered General Tso's Chicken- their favorite!

When it was delivered, they tipped the guy well and stuck a million dollar bill in with the tip. This is a principle that we've hammered into them- tip well if you leave a tract. There have been too many cheap and tacky Christians that have come before us that give Christianity a bad name.

Our oldest noticed that the delivery man sat in his car reading for just a moment before he took off. Since he didn't want to sit there staring at him from the front door, he assumed he was reading the tract and went to divide the food. About five minutes after the delivery man had left they received a call from an unknown number. Our oldest son answered and it was the man calling from his cell phone on the way back to the restaurant! The delivery man said, "Thank you for the million dollars." Our son said, "You're welcome. Glad you liked it." Then he said that the gentleman laughed and said, "This is a good day in my life- I now have a million dollars." It was as simple as that and then the conversation was over.

Lest you think that he was going to cash it at the bank- it was a celebrity million. There is no way that it could have been thought of as one million REAL dollars with a cartoon caricature of a Hollywood movie star on it.

It's a new year. Make sharing the Gospel a priority in your life this year. Pray that God would allow you to not be ashamed of the Gospel but to share it biblically and frequently this year. Buy a package of tracts and see if you can give out the whole package in a month. It works out to about 3 tracts per day. You never know how God will use that tract. It encouraged our son tremendously! I can't guarantee that you will have people calling you back on their cell phones thanking you for them, but right now while we still have the freedom, take advantage of every opportunity you have to share the Gospel.