Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EVERY life is precious

Is God not powerful enough to reveal himself through the life of a little boy who has never said a word? Please consider your words carefully before you say, "It's just a choice."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Found a great open air shirt

My oldest son and I decided to check out a new Goodwill store that opened close to our home today. They had some really great t-shirts and he was fortunate enough to find his first open air shirt!
I had never thought to look for an open air shirt at Goodwill but it really had many promising possibilities. Here are the ones that were contenders. This is the first one. I loved it! He said, "Uh mom, it's got pink on it! No way!" Oops. OK, we'll skip that one.

This one was quite catchy since the top of it says, "Life Safety 101: Hear a fire alarm?" The girl is asking if they should leave the dorm and the guy is telling her that it's safe and that it's only a false alarm. We almost got this but the other side had something about the fire marshall on the other side and it was also quite busy looking.

With this one, we thought that since neither grandfather is a green beret it might lead to misunderstanding so it would be best if we left it at Goodwill. But, it was catchy.

Getting closer- It says, "Authentic Worship." On the back is the name of some church's youth group and their website. Since we're not a part of that church or youth group, we declined.

And the winner is...

WARNING: Do not play video games on the Freeway! It is perfect! He can't wait to try it out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grill 'n Chill at the Park

On Friday, July 17th, our church went to a park for a cookout. We have these get-togethers that are affectionately known as "Grill 'n Chill." We also hoped to share the Gospel with people in the park. Some guys were playing basketball earlier and when they walked by we offered them some food and something to drink. They were such sweet young men. We handed them an Obama Million and they loved them! In fact, they each asked for more until I'd given all I had in my hands to them. Like Spurgeon said, "...get good, striking tracts or none at all..."

I don't know if it gets any easier when you share the Gospel. I still get a lump in my throat, my mouth goes dry, and I have weird thought or two run through my head like, "They're going to think you're an idiot" every time I open my mouth. I truly get nervous every time. Don't let that stop you. (To my friend Shannon: You can do it girl! You're hubby brought home an Obama Million. Now be like Nike and "Just do it!") My son was standing next to me and began sharing with one half of the group while they loaded up on some rather tasty food. I talked with the other half of the group and we had a really engaging conversation.

Here's a shout out (from left to right) to LaQuan, Alex, Marcus, Cory, and Adrian!

I spent most of my time talking with Marcus and LaQuan. I asked them the million dollar question and then asked them if they thought Michael Jackson thought that his last day would have been just a few weeks ago? They said probably not. I told them, likewise they didn't know when their last day was going to be and there isn't a 2nd chance once you die.

Marcus (front row with black shorts and white t-shirt) admitted that he lies- a lot. He says he just can't stop. I shared with him that I knew of a man who used to visit his grandfather when he was younger. One time, his grandpa let him have all the black licorice he could eat. That night, his stomach revolted. He got so sick he was throwing up black licorice for hours- out his nose, his mouth- it was disgusting. He said to this day if he even hears of black licorice a shiver runs up his spine. He can't see a package of it, smell it, let alone taste it because it is so revolting to him. I told Marcus THAT is how you need to be with your sin, especially lying. You need to be revolted by it so much that the thought of it repulses you. Furthermore, I explained that until you have a new relationship with sin all you've done is just gotten a little exercise (if you walked the aisle) and gotten wet (if you were baptized) but have no new attitude or relationship with your sin. There has to be a change that is not sustained by your own self-will. It flows from a grateful heart enabled by the Holy Spirit that realizes that you were guilty, couldn't pay the fine, and were freed! You respond out of gratitude not obligation.

I asked them how they would feel if they were standing before a judge and it had been established they were guilty of breaking the law and at the last second before they were sentenced someone they didn't know paid their fine. They agreed they would be grateful if they were freed by someone they didn't know who paid their fine. I asked Marcus again how he can hold on to lying or any other sin if he was so grateful for his fine being paid.

I asked if they were given the opportunity to see the president, would they take a brown lunch bag filled with hot, steamy dog poo as a gift for the president? They said, "No way!" I said, "Of course not! that would be offensive! If you believe that you are going to do good things to earn your way into heaven, you might as well have brought the same hypothetical dog-poo-in-a-bag present to God. Your good works, if used to get in to heaven are an offense. When they are a response out of gratitude for what God has done for us and you do them to glorify God, then that is a whole different matter.

They said they appreciated us talking with them and that it gave them a lot to think about. We met their physical needs and their spiritual needs that night. I pray that they would take seriously the conversation we had with them.

Here's the crazy shot. I had a blast talking with them! Guys, if you're reading this, think seriously about what we talked about. You never know when you're last day on earth will be. Don't "play" church. Get serious. Repent, believe, read your Bible and do what it says.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8 year old girl shares the Gospel

My youngest daughter went to day camp this week and tried her hand at sharing the Gospel. She had told me the day before that there was a little boy who lied to her about cheetos during lunchtime. Although I don't fully understand the cheeto incident, she talked with the little boy today and worked it into her Gospel sharing experience. She was also able to share with another little boy. However, there was a little girl she tried to share with that wanted nothing to do with it so she just moved on.

Encourage and equip your kids to share the Gospel. When they start young, sharing the Gospel will not feel so foreign to them. I had a desire to share the Gospel for many years but just didn't have the knowledge of how to use God's law. Unfortunately, I was in my 30's before I began to consistently share my faith. I don't want my kids to be ill-equipped or to hide behind excuses or to believe it is only the preacher's job. I want them to understand their obligation to share their faith and get lots of practice while they're young.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kids can share the Gospel too

After an eye opening week at day camp, my daughter sees the need to share the Gospel with kids her age. She understands that she has a mission field that isn't necessarily reachable by adults. We went to a picnic sponsored by our church on Friday night. We were trying to be out in the community and share the Gospel with whomever we ran into.

She showed this little girl several of the teen million dollar bills. After she picked one she began to share the Gospel. I particularly like these because on the back instead of asking if they have broken the 7th commandment (do not commit adultery), it asks if they have broken the 5th commandment which is honoring your father and mother. It is more appropriate for the younger crowd.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How pretty is your Bible?

You know, I was reading the latest issue of Voice of the Martyrs (July 2009) and I was struck by an article at the end of the magazine. It was about Narayan Gowda, a former radical Hindu who is now a fellow believer in Christ. He was holding Bibles in his hands that had been burned by attackers. Upon first glance though, I thought that this was a picture of his Bibles and noticed how tattered they looked. Eventhough I learned that these were pictures of Bibles that had been burnt, but I thought, "I wonder how many Christians' Bibles look like this from genuine hours of rich study of His Word?"

What does your Bible look like? Don't get me wrong I understand that there is not necessarily a correlation between the "look" of someone's Bible and their piety or spiritual maturity.

Something curious I've noticed is that they don't make Bibles the way the used to. Today, it takes very little actual use to get that worn look. How sad that many Christians don't even use their Bibles enough to KNOW that it is poorly made.

I believe the way to know the difference between the ones truly using their Bible and the ones who aren't could best be summed up by Charles Spurgeon who is reported to have said, "A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't."

Following is one of the best admonishments I've heard encouraging us specifically to persevere in scripture reading and Bible study. Watch it and ask yourself, "Are you not only persevering in your walk, but specifically in the study of the scriptures or do you just give the appearance that you are because you're too foolish to know that your cheap Bible is falling apart because you left it on the dashboard of your hot car which only gives the appearance of use?"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Drive-in evangelism and the agony of defeat

After a storm that could be categorized as a "Chicken-Drowner," the sky cleared, a rainbow appeared and we decided to enjoy our Friday evening. We shared the Gospel on Friday night where I'd never shared it before: the Drive-in Movie Theatre. There are still two drive-in movie theatres in the next county. So after the storm we headed out. We brought our tracts and after we got a place to park my son and I took off. We tracted all the bathroom stalls and dropped some wallets and then we went to have some one-on-one conversations.

We saw two young men standing near the concession stand who worked at the drive-in. The first guy we handed a million to wasn't too thrilled with the Obama Million. My son quickly said, "If you don't care for him, then you'll love this." Great come back, buddy. He reluctantly took it and so we asked if he'd ever given much thought to what happens when you die. He mumbled something, handed it to the man standing next to him and walked away.

I thought, "OK, he just didn't want to talk. We'll just talk with the next guy." We handed him a Celebrity Million and asked the same question. His name was Gerald. He said he didn't really know if he was going to heaven and wasn't too concerned. I said, "None of us know the day we're going to die. I mean, I'm sure that Michael Jackson didn't think the day he died would be his last day, you know?" He agreed. My son asked, "So do you think you're a pretty good person?" He said, "Oh yeah. I'm not that bad." I told him I used to think the same thing because I'd never been to prison so I couldn't be all that bad. He laughed. Then we started taking him through the law so he could see that his standard of goodness didn't matter and that we could get to grace.

He said he agreed and as I was talking a woman walked up and joined the conversation. It turns out it was his wife named Becky. Well, as she came up he fuzzed out and walked away. I thought, "Fine, maybe we can talk to her and we'll have a good conversation with her." I asked Becky if she thought she was going to heaven when she died. She said she hoped so. We went through the same scenario with her. I asked if she read her Bible every day and she said, "Not really, it's been awhile." So, I asked her, "Becky, if Gerald were to write you love letters to you would you just let them sit on the table unopened or would you want to find out what they said?"

The moment was pregnant with silence. Then she said, "I don't really know, maybe not." In my mind I started screaming, "Mayday! Mayday! " I said, "Are you serious?! You mean if your husband sent you letters professing his love for you you're not sure if you'd open them?" She kind of laughed and then said, "I guess." I'm thinking, "OK, either there are serious marital problems or she is dingy." We got past that and got to worldly sorrow versus true repentance. She seemed to have a true understanding of godly sorrow versus doing the same thing over and over again, but then it happened: a girl popped her head out the door of the concession stand and said, "Becky, could I see you in here for just a minute?" She said it with a smirk on her face and kind of laughed. Then we saw the first guy around the building and Gerald was next to the lady that called to Becky. Becky did not work for the theatre. She'd just been taken away as we were finishing but I know it was because they were trying to pull her away. It was abrupt and stopped. Just like that.

As we walked away the image of the skier going down the ski jump at the beginning of ABC's Wide World of Sports ran through my head as the famous words, "...and the agony of defeat." echoed through my mind. I shared the image with my son who had no clue what I was talking about since he wasn't alive when that image was played every Saturday in the '70's. Mental note: look up this video on Youtube and show him.

I have noticed that my witnessing encounters over the past few months have become more difficult. I still haven't shared my encounter with a teen at the Expo who was steeped in postmodern Darwinistic indoctrination who kept throwing out so many red herrings that I almost blew a neuron trying to keep up with what trail he was hopping down. I suppose that is what happens as you share the Gospel. I am assuming that God is gracious to let you start on the bunny slope and then after you get a little experience and have only fallen a few times He then takes you to the next slope. I know that you can't improve your witnessing abilities without experiencing a wide range of situations, but lately I've had some real corkers. I'm not concerned about if they think I'm a religious fanatic, but I just want to make sure that they really got the whole Gospel and that I wasn't a bonehead and said something incorrect or wasn't able to get the whole truth out.

I just prayed in my thoughts, "Well, Lord, at least the bathrooms have tracts all over them and they will all be gone by the time the evening is over."
We went back to where our car was parked and my son walked up to the carload which looked like a mom and 5-6 kids. It looked like she had hers and maybe some of her children's friends. At first I thought he was just standing there waiting for a response. What I couldn't see is that he was sharing the Gospel with one of the teen guys sitting on the tailgate. This was the BEST thing that happened the whole night. He went completely through the Gospel and then some of the kids asked for more millions. I was so thrilled for him. This was maybe the 3rd or 4th time that he has actually shared the Gospel start to finish with someone without help from another adult. I was so thankful that God allowed him to share with these kids. What an awesome night!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 5

We took a break and had some dinner. Rick, TJ, and my son all sat down and grabbed a bite to eat. After dinner we had the longest conversation with two ladies who happened to be sitting at the same table. It all started with a million dollar bill and a curved illusion tract.

Rebecca and Brittany

TJ began the conversation with a curved illusion which is always a great ice breaker. Rebecca is 15 and Brittany is 16.

Notice the hat that Brittany has on. The next picture is a closeup of the hat. It has a "one way" street sign motif with "Jesus" embroidered on the diagonal. Listen to the conversation. At the 3:14 mark she says, "Yes, she had blasphemed before she became a Christian. So she is acknowledging she is a Christian. At 11:15 in the conversation, TJ asks her point blank, "So if I were to ask you if you were a Christian, what would you say?" Brittany said, "Probably not." At 15:10 in the conversation, TJ asks her, "Is what I'm saying making sense? If you had to compare yourself to scripture how are you doing right now? Would you say, that in fact you have been born of him?" She said, "I have no idea what that means." By the end, she says that she is a new Christian that is just starting to hate sin. I explained you can't just "sorta" hate sin, it's all or nothing. All three of us, (Rick, TJ, and myself) talked with these ladies. It was very eye-opening.

Here is the audio of the conversation. If the playbar doesn't work, click on the link below.

Please keep these young ladies in your prayers. By the end of our conversation, Rebecca (on the left) and Brittany realized that they really had no clue what they believed or why they believed it when we explained to them what the Bible said. They were both really appreciative of the time we spent and thanked us for explaining so many things to them. Rebecca said she wasn't even a Christian but was there to hear the music. TJ gave them a recording of Paul Washer, and also two DVD's. Pray that they actually listened to or watched them together and shared what they learned with their youth leader.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 4

Nick & Jeremiah
This is Nick and Jeremiah. I handed them a Million Dollar bill and asked them where they thought they'd spend eternity. Jeremiah, the one on the right, said he had already received two of these million dollar tracts earlier today and read the back and concluded that he was definitely saved. So I asked him what he wouuld tell me if I were dying right now before his eyes. He said that he would tell me to pray and believe in Jesus and he would save me. I told him, "Jeremiah, you're close." He said, "I am? What am I missing?" I explained repentance and told him that I was a pretender for a few years before I really understood what repentance looked like. I explained that you can't continue in the same habitual sins and then keep asking for forgiveness because it just doesn't work like that. He said he agreed and was happy to talk with me and then went on to articulate the faith quite well. Out of the groups of young people I talked with, he was the only one that I suspect might have been a Christian.

My son was a tracting fiend- he was handing them out left and right. He handed them to these two gentlemen and they kind of hung around looking to see all the different Celebrity Millions he had. As I walked up I had my recorder on and recorded one of the best samples of the types of conversations that we kept having all day with these kids.
Brandon & Austin

This is Brandon and Austin. Here is the recording of the whole conversation. It breaks your heart that so many kids are at an event where the preachers and spokepeople for the bands have their undivided attention and instead of preaching the entire Gospel and shattering any ideas that they have of their inherant goodness, most of the sermons by the bands were this "God-shaped hole in the heart only Jesus can fill" and "Jesus made my life better" genre. I wouldn't have believed it had I not heard it with my own two ears. It's this watered-down Gospel which is cranking out a generation of young people who not only can not articulate the basic tenents of the Christian faith, but after sharing the Gospel many aren't even sure they are saved. They are convinced that walking the aisle and accepting Him is all that is required. When pressed to define, "What does accepting Him mean?" the answer I heard most frequently was, "It means asking Him into your heart."

I tried to edit this so that I canceled out as much of the background noise as possible, but it was so loud. If the playbar doesn't work, I've included the link so that you can hear. I've only gotten this crazy playbar to work twice. But, the link will take you to the clip.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 3

Just a little side not about how we got to go to this Festival. Through God's wonderful provision, we were able to get into Ichthus for free. I'd called my friends TJ & Kelly to let them know I was praying for them since I knew they were there that week-end. I also told them our vacation plans were delayed by one day and I really wished that I could go but couldn't see paying the almost $100 price for two people the day before we left on vacation. We all agreed, "Next year." and then I hung up. Not ten minutes later Kelly called back and said, "Girl, guess what? We got some free wristbands!" A person who had obtained several wristbands couldn't use them and it is against the rules to sell them so my friend TJ said he could use them. I asked for two of them. What wonderful provision from God! Devin joined us as well. Here is a picture of him and my son.
TJ began talking with a group of kids. He asked for a curved illusion and I handed him one.

Here he is showing the mesmerized teens! They jumped back and couldn't believe their eyes. But, I tell you after an illusion like that, it's hard not to listen.

He was able to talk with them for quite awhile. The blessing is that we were able to talk to group after group of people and they all listened and walked away genuinely thinking about the conversation. Some seemed unaffected, others were concerned, others were going to rethink their lives. There were so many people and so little time.

Here's Rick handing out tracts too. He went to the Academy last year and was TJ's partner.

The next few posts, I will have audio of conversations that TJ and I had with people at the Festival.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 2

Have you been fearful that people will scorn you if you share the Gospel with them via a Gospel tract? I mean, they'll think you're a freak and get angry, right? I noticed when I was looking at all our pictures, we just happened to get a "before" and "after" photo of me handing a tract to two women. Look at the faces of the two women before I hand the tract to them.

Now look at the picture below- they are in the lower right corner. They are smiling! I didn't get yelled at, cursed at, beat up, etc. Just try handing out a tract at a public event. It will really help you get over your fear of anything that you may believe may happen to you if you're obedient and share the Gospel.

This is the first group of young ladies I spoke to. From left to right we have Brianne, Caroline, Rachel, and Morgan. I asked them the million dollar question and so our conversation began. One of them hoped they would go to heaven but the others quickly and enthusiastically told me they would definitely go to heaven. So I asked them, "If I had a knife in my back right now and it is certain that I will die within the next few minutes and I say to you, 'I'm scared. What must I do to be saved?' what would you tell me?" They all became rather quiet and then Rachel offered, "I'd tell you to pray and believe in Jesus." I told her that was pretty close, but then I pressed further and so began a wonderful conversation with these young ladies.

I told them that praying and believing in Jesus isn't all there is to it. I told them that there is no magical formula or special prayer they are to pray to be saved. I said you can walk the aisle and say the prayer, but if you don't repent, believe, read your Bible and obey it, all you've done is gotten a little exercise (as you walked the aisle) and a Kodak moment. I asked them if they read their Bible everyday. They said they try to but don't always read it and sometimes it is several days before they do. Rachel said, "Well if you don't just pray and believe then what else are you supposed to do?"

I explained to them that they need to realize that because Jesus was morally perfect, He was the only one who was able to take our sin upon Himself and credit us with His righteousness. I took them through the Good Person Test and asked if they had ever lied, stolen, disobeyed their parents, or taken God's name in vain. They admitted they had and when I told them that God takes those offenses very seriously and the punishment for those offenses is death. I explained that placing their faith in Jesus wasn't just an intellectual assent (just acknowledging Jesus is who He says He is) but it was a total belief that you have sinned, you deserve death (God says the payment for sin is death) and as He is about to sentence you to hell in the courtroom of eternal justice, when you didn't know Christ He stepped forward and paid your penalty for a debt you owed and could not pay. You respond out of gratitude for such an extravagant gift that you turn from the things you used to love and you find out through reading His Word what you should do.

I explained the difference between Godly sorrow and worldy sorrow because many times the answer I get when asked to explain repentance is, "It means saying you're sorry." It's so much more than that. It means that you do a 180 degree turn and go the opposite direction from the things that you used do and you don't keep doing them again.

The girls listened and all agreed that they had never really understood it that way before. About then, a woman walked up who knew them and indicated they needed to head to the next event. I had her take a photo and as they left I was so saddened that these young people probably go to church ever week, are in their youth groups and are generally viewed as the "good" kids yet, they are not even aware of the basic tenents of the faith or how to articulate them. They also have never even tried to share the Gospel with anyone because they have been told and also bought into the idea that "we will win them over by our lifestyle." That's what they have been taught. Please pray for today's youth and pray for these young ladies that they will open His word and learn for themselves what Christianity is all about.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 1

Ichthus is a Christian Music Festival held every year in Wilmore, Ky. This year, it was held June 11-14. The weather turned out to be nice and hot which is a switch from the previous years. Usually, it turns into a mud pit because it rains the entire week-end. There are about 20,000 people that converge on this little town and set up camp. There are several stages throughout the property for the various bands and speakers that are featured.

Here is my fishing buddy, my son. He is 13 and a fine young man who cares deeply about the lost. On a side note, I have found that I am not avoided nor are my tracts declined as often if I wear something like a T-shirt that is somewhat goofy or juvenile. I am not trying to act younger than I am, but if you look older than them (like I do) teens at these events are more apt to talk to you or take your tract if you wear something like this because it breaks the ice. I have worn just a regular "mom" shirt and been avoided more then when I wear something like this. I know this is purely anecdotal, but this has just been my experience. This shirt is special to me because #1 I like penguins. My whole family likes them. #2 My son used to wear this shirt when he was little. OK, enough wardrobe talk.

This Festival has run for 40 years and was started as a Christian alternative to Woodstock. It is also the first year I ever attended. It is an unbelievable gathering and has by far, been my favorite fishing experience since the Academy. Here's why: By and far, I don't have to worry about witnessing to some weird, existential freak because everyone at this Festival knows who Jesus is and almost all of them believe they are saved. We only had about 800 tracts and gave them all out except for a handful by the end of the day.

These two pictures show how large the main stage is. There were thousands of people just at this sound stage alone. The picture below is the rest of the crowd at the same stage. What opportunity!

Unfortunately, after my experience was over that evening, I was deeply grieved. We were almost out of tracts and I'd had conversation after conversation until I was literally hoarse and could barely speak anymore. Out of all the young people I spoke to, there was only one young man who may have been a Christian. It was so sad to hear so many of these kids arrive with their youth group and their youth leaders agreeing at the beginning of our conversation that they were Christians, but when asked, many could not articulate even the basic premise of the Christian faith. These are the "good" kids- the leaders in their youth groups. When asked, "When is the last time you read your Bible?" the most common answer was, "It's been awhile." When pressed further, the average length of time since they had last read their Bible was about 3 weeks or longer.
Pray for the youth of today. Pray especially for the ones in the youth groups of the churches in America. We need to be sharing the full Gospel with these kids because if they can't tell us what was happening on the cross as Jesus hung and died, there is no way they can be a Christian because they don't even understand it was their sin that put Him there and that He was being crushed by God not because God is evil but because He is so good. I'll be sharing our experiences over the next few days.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You Never Know...

what effect your obedience will have on another person. We had to call a refrigerator repair person last week because our refrigerator's temperature kept fluctuating. So we called the warranty company and they contacted and coordinated a visit from a repair person. So we had no control over knowing who was being sent or from where this person was coming.

He came and made a quick repair and as he was leaving, my son handed him a million dollar bill tract and said, "Thanks a million!" The man laughed and said, "Wow! This is really great. But, I tell you what, you keep it. I have several of them already."

Puzzled, I asked him where he had gotten them from. He said, "Oh, they give them out in Frankfort all the time."

He really was under a time constraint and had to go so I couldn't engage him in conversation, but I encouraged him to consider the million dollar question.

Here is the wild part: We had been to Frankfort handing out tracts at the Expo. Perhaps we had handed out a tract to this man at the Expo. Not only that, but a dear brother and sister (and fellow fishermen) have taught evangelism classes in Frankfort to over 150 people. There are several people handing out tracts in that area now as a result of the training. It was very encouraging to my son because he wonders, as I'm sure many do, if the tracts ever get noticed or make a difference.

What are the odds that a man will receive a tract and then drive 50 minutes to the next city to repair a refrigerator only to get the same tract again?! Maybe God is trying to tell him something. He definitely was telling us something too: Don't Quit!

You never know the means by which God will use to draw someone to Himself. He may just partner with you in accomplishing His purpose.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

One True God

This post is a two part audio story broadcast on Focus on the Family. It is the story of the Yanomamo people and specifically the story of Chief Shoefoot the man pictured in the photo. This man speaks about his experience as a Shaman of his people and how he renounced that and became a Christian. In the depths of the jungle, this man and his people are keenly aware of the spiritual realm and of the God of the universe. This is a powerful testimony.

(I have only had limited success with this embedded playbar so if it does not work, click the hyperlink and play the broadcast directly from the site by selecting stream or mp3.)

Below, is part two of that interview where the audience is invited to ask Chief Shoefoot questions. It is a wonderful question and answer session where Chief Shoefoot clearly articulates the very real conflict that is ongoing in the spiritual realm. If the embedded playbar doesn't work, and the hyperlink below fails, go to and type "One True God- pt.2" in the search bar and it will take you to the recording. I wish I could do better but, I'm somewhat technologically inept.