Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Everyday Club

One of the best ways to be consistent about sharing your faith is handing out Gospel tracts- they always know what to say and never get tongue-tied. I joined Steve Sanchez's everyday club earlier this year. Click here if you want to check out his blog: http://stonethepreacher.com/category/everyday-club. The goal is not to engage in sanctimonious, pharisetical tally marks. It's just to be used to help you stay actively committed to sharing the Gospel.

Well, I made it to December and while I know I've been more obedient this year and shared my faith consistently and biblically, I have never had a month that I handed out a tract EVERY single day. There are just days I don't leave the house. I work from home and don't always need to go out. God, isn't going to strike me dead if I don't. It's a condition of the heart. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could engage in conversations about Christ and if I could hand out a Gospel tract EVERY day.

So, this month I promised I would get in my car every day and go somewhere, anywhere and hand out tracts. I also wanted to challenge myself to try to hand out tracts everyday since I had never done that before.

So, here it is the 15th of December and I'm 100%! I have handed out a tract at least every day and when possible, I try to engage in conversation. Pray that I am able to meet my goal and not miss a single day. I'm still thinking about where to go on Christmas Day since almost everything will be closed. But, there is a truck stop on the interstate about 15 miles from here. So, if I have to I'll go there. You know, it says we should take the Gospel to the highways and the biways... :)

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