Monday, October 5, 2009

Tracting Hotels

In the past, when I stayed in a hotel I would leave a tract or two around the room. This last time I stayed in a hotel room I wondered just how many tracts I could place around the room. Did you know you can unload a pack of 100 in minutes? Stick them under the cushions of furniture.

Tuck several in the literature they give to you about the hotel, attractions, and dining.

Of course, there's always the nightstand. We didn't see a Gideon Bible in the room so at least there was a tract.

Someone is going to get a surprise when they turn on the air unit in the room!

I like tucking things underneath other items so you can barely see the edge of the bill.

You can tuck them in the valance and draperies in the room. If God wants them to find it He'll guide their eyes.

I took advantage of the cabinetry and the microwave in the room as well.

There were plenty of places in the bathroom too. I laid a few out in the open for housekeeping to find. After I was done, I earnestly prayed that God would guide the individuals to find these and that the seed would be planted.

If you have still never shared your faith or if you are working up the courage too, you can easily put tracts in the places you visit. Your faith and boldness will be strengthened by your obedience. Go ahead and try it if you haven't already. When you've placed the tracts, pray that God will cause people who need Him to find them and pray that He will increase your boldness and obedience to share the Gospel.

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