Monday, October 26, 2009

A sister shares on the street corner

My friend Diane Lytle shared the Gospel on the street corner adjacent to a fall festival. Listen to her voice- she is kind, and concerned. She isn't foaming at the mouth and screaming at people. Observe the people at 2:09 into the video as the camera pans. Do these people look angry? How many people do you think heard that Gospel message that day? How many of those people do you think will be in heaven because of the seed she planted? Watch the video and consider what she says and how she says it?

Not everyone has to preach from a street corner, but are you at least sharing the Gospel with those around you whenever you have the opportunity? I have to confess, I still do not take advantage of every opportunity. I don't know why I sometimes avoid situation where I know the Gospel needs to be proclaimed. Diane encourages me to consistently share the Gospel and to not worry about what others think because if I do that then I am more concerned about my comfort than their souls. God, forbid!

At the very least, buy some tracts and hand them out to people or leave them wherever you go- restaurants, shopping malls, parking lots, etc. Halloween is coming up. Buy some tracts to place in the bags of the children coming for candy. Surely, you can do that. Just give it a try.

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Paul Latour said...

Hey Chipper,

What a wonderful presentation of the gospel by Diane! It was easy to detect an element of loving nuture in her voice that can only come from a woman. God's design and purpose, of course.

I will be posting your video soon on my blog (if that's alright) as a followup to a video I just produced and posted of my wife, Kim, sharing the gospel at a H1N1 vaccination,on her own, using the cross to draw people to her.

My goal is to encourage and stress the need for more WOMEN to join the ranks of street evangelists. They are outnumbered by men but are no less an asset to the task of giving the gospel to the lost. There are those who would listen to a woman before a man with the message.

Kim and I work together as a team on the street. She has always passed out tracts and shared one-to-one. This was a step up for her going alone. But she was determined.

If you have not seen the video, just check out my blog. I am hoping this to be an source of encourgement for female Christians to step up to the plate with the kind of courage that can only come from the Spirit of God to those who are obedient.

I hope your day is good. Mine is. Today, I turn 10 years old (as a Christian).

God has been, continues to be and always will be so gracious. Praise Him!

Thanks for the great post!