Monday, October 5, 2009

Our son made his public profession of faith!

On October 4, 2009, our youngest son made his public profession of faith! He had shared with us a month or so ago that he had prayed and asked the Lord to forgive his sins and make him a child of God. We had no idea that he would make a public profession on Sunday. We've never pushed him because we truly believe Salvation belongs to the Lord. We also don't want a false convert- one who goes forward either because of pressure or to please someone else only to fall away when they get older. So when he whispered to my husband that he wanted to go forward we were pleased but surprised.

This is our pastor asking him to tell the congregation that he is a believer and has believed that Jesus has taken his sins away and granted him eternal life.

Our pastor prayed with him and our entire family after he made his profession. It was truly a beautiful day! We will make arrangements for him to be baptized in the future, as we are currently meeting in a school.

We have seen much evidence of true conversion in him. We normally don't tell people we meet that he came to our family through the gift of adoption. But, I believe it is important to share his story so that you can fully appreciate where he began.

We first met him in December of 2005 in an orphanage in rural Russia. He was a tiny 8 year old boy with an infectious smile. When he came home in April 2006 as our forever son, we began explaining to him the reality of God. He had never heard of Jesus and had no knowledge of the typical stories most children do. No songs about Zaccheus being a wee little man or Father Abraham having many sons. In fact, he had never heard of Jesus, Noah, Adam, Moses or any of the people in the Bible that most children in America are acquainted with from a young age. He just had an intense longing to have a question that had been burning in his mind while in Russia answered: Where did all the people, trees, and animals come from?

He said he had asked people over in Russia, but no one knew the answer. In 2006, when he came home, we studied Romans. By the time we had gotten through the first few chapters he exclaimed, "It is God!" The light came on and he has studied the Bible diligently ever since.

We have studied Romans, the life of Moses by studying Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, the life of Jesus by studying Matthew, and this year we are studying the book of John. He reads his Bible every day for about an hour and has for sometime. He reads about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before bed and will read the entire Bible 1 1/2 times this year on his reading program. He doesn't read under compulsion but because he genuinely desires to see what happened next.

We see fruit in his life as he looks for ways to be a servant to his family. We so infrequently have to discipline him. He is eager to take on responsibility and a joy to be around.

Our lives are blessed beyond measure and it is an honor and privilege I do not deserve. My life is better having had the privilege of having him as my son. We love you son and are thrilled and pleased that God has answered our prayers over the past four years for your salvation. To God be the Glory!


Karen said...

That is awesome!! God is doing great things in the lives of these children!! I am so happy :) Michael went forward Sunday as well and will be baptized next week. Whoo hoo Michael's !!

Michelle Miano said...

How Awesome is Our God from whom all blessings flow. What an awesome testimony. I can't wait to see what God has in store for your son. :-) Love you much!


mikeocantis said...

that's great to hear that from your son Amen.

Serving the King in KY said...

We are honored to know Michael and pray that God blesses us with the opportunity to see what He does in his life! We love you guys and pray that Michael continues to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Wilders