Saturday, October 3, 2009

Calvin, Mike, and Gary...the rest of the story

Yesterday, I shared with you the story of Calvin, Mike, and Gary. I thought you'd like to know the rest of the story...

A few weeks ago, I'd contacted a friend to see if our daughters could get together to play. Since we live on opposite sides of town, about 30 minutes apart, we agreed upon a halfway point so she could pick up my daughter and take her to her house. We agreed that we'd meet at this grocery store in the parking lot. I had no intention of going in or doing any shopping. I only happened to be on this side of town because my son was taking a science course on Thursdays at a church down the street from this location. After his class was over, I was to meet them in the parking lot. Before I got there I got a call from a friend whose whole family had been battling either the flu or allergies for weeks. I thought, "I'm right here at the store and she lives so close I might as well pick up some medicine for her and the kids so she didn't have to go out." On my way out of the store that I never would have gone into had my friend not been ill nor had I not had to meet a friend for a playdate rendezvous, I met Calvin and Mike.

Knowing that I would need to pick up my daughter again, my friend and I had agreed a few days prior to pick up at the same place. From the time I had left the two gentlemen, my other 3 kids and I dropped the medicine off to my sick friend. We then went out for a quick bite to eat and headed home. I had several things that needed to be done before I had to drive back over to pick up my daughter.

Then it hit me- would those guys still be there later in the afternoon? If they were, I would be able to give them the books and materials! I prayed that God would let it be. When the time came for me to pick up my daughter 5 hours later, guess who was still standing in the same spot? Calvin and Mike!

I gave them the books before I picked up my daughter. I also handed them some curved illusion tracts and a few others. I explained that Way of the Master would teach them about the fallacy of the modern Gospel. Hell's Best Kept Secret had a study guide in it so that he could lead others and One Heartbeat Away was a book geared primarily to the unsaved but has excellent ways to share the Gospel with them and answers many questions. Calvin was thrilled to get his hands on them! He said he'd already handed out some tracts since I'd seen him last!

As I was driving away, Calvin was already engrossed in the book! When I think back about all the things that God orchestrated I know that everything is for His Glory. Remember, Calvin and Mike live in another state several hours away. Who knew that God would bring them to a different state so that I would run into them at a store in which I never shop on a side of town that I am rarely on so that these eager men would learn to share the Gospel in a Biblical manner? I know I don't truly know them, but I have never seen anyone who was not a Christian ever so thrilled by our conversation, amazed to see resources available (like tracts) that they were unaware of and eager to share the Gospel as these two men. What a blessed day!

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