Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pre-game tracting

Now that football season is upon us, there are thousands of people across the nation that are paying homage to their particular football team every Saturday. One of the things that is obvious is going and handing out tracts to the tailgaters that are involved in pre-game activities.

If you have a major university near you, consider handing out tracts there or getting a team together to go actively hit the crowds that are sure to be there. One thing to consider, if you have tickets to the game, you really should get there 2-4 hours in advance NOT to get a good spot, but to witness. Be bold! If you are just going for the game and nothing else, you really aren't being faithful to the Gospel or obedient to the call that we each have on our lives.

An idea that I just got had to do with the day before the game. Go to your local grocery store or major liquor retailer in your area and stuff tracts in the beer boxes the day before or evening before the game. There is always a rush on alcohol purchases right before a game. When I do regular grocery shopping, I usually cram tracts in the beer aisle or let the kids do it but I have never thought to make a concerted effort to target the beer aisle or liquor stores right before a game. I'm sure many others have already figured this out a long time ago, but since I'm not a big sports fan, I never really made the connection.

I believe this would be an excellent way to begin sharing the Gospel if you are new, still trying to work up courage to be bold or just wanting to walk in further obedience. So get a game schedule of the days that your particular University is playing and cram tons of tracts in these boxes. Can you just imagine the conversation that may result from someone getting the box you put a tract in and they bring it to a tailgating party? Could it cause them to think about their spiritual future? God will use anything he chooses to bring a sinner to repentance for His glory.

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