Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't let language barriers stop you

We had some excitement this morning. The city arborist had determined a few weeks ago that a tree in the green space behind our home was dying from the inside out and needed to come down as it posed a danger since it was so large. Today a tree service arrived to remove the tree.

As they were setting up we saw the men removing the tree were Hispanic. After the tree was down, they men took a break. This was the perfect time to try to give them the message of the Gospel. My son and husband went over and and gave them this tract, a Jones Soda (yum!), and an invitation to the Hispanic church that we helped with their community outreach in May.

I would encourage you, keep some Hispanic tracts on hand. I got these from Living Waters and I love them! It gives the entire Gospel message in Spanish and who is going to turn it down when you are giving an ice cold drink?!
Sorry the trees are in the way, but these are the first two guys they were able to give drinks and tracts to. My son is walking over to hand a tract to the other guy.

Here is the man he gave the invitation to the church, a tract, as well as the drink. Here is a photo of the other gentleman. He actually stopped and read it for awhile!

I can't speak Spanish, but I really believe that the Holy Spirit can do the work that is needed in their hearts if they are unsaved. Try to keep tracts and maybe some water or soft drinks on hand for these opportunities that may arise. I am so glad that we had an affiliation with a Spanish speaking church just a few months earlier so that I had information to give to them. Pray that God presents opportunities for you to walk in obedience and also pray for the strength to ignore that voice inside pleading with you not to do this. Walk in obedience and you'll never regret it.

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