Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You Never Know...

what effect your obedience will have on another person. We had to call a refrigerator repair person last week because our refrigerator's temperature kept fluctuating. So we called the warranty company and they contacted and coordinated a visit from a repair person. So we had no control over knowing who was being sent or from where this person was coming.

He came and made a quick repair and as he was leaving, my son handed him a million dollar bill tract and said, "Thanks a million!" The man laughed and said, "Wow! This is really great. But, I tell you what, you keep it. I have several of them already."

Puzzled, I asked him where he had gotten them from. He said, "Oh, they give them out in Frankfort all the time."

He really was under a time constraint and had to go so I couldn't engage him in conversation, but I encouraged him to consider the million dollar question.

Here is the wild part: We had been to Frankfort handing out tracts at the Expo. Perhaps we had handed out a tract to this man at the Expo. Not only that, but a dear brother and sister (and fellow fishermen) have taught evangelism classes in Frankfort to over 150 people. There are several people handing out tracts in that area now as a result of the training. It was very encouraging to my son because he wonders, as I'm sure many do, if the tracts ever get noticed or make a difference.

What are the odds that a man will receive a tract and then drive 50 minutes to the next city to repair a refrigerator only to get the same tract again?! Maybe God is trying to tell him something. He definitely was telling us something too: Don't Quit!

You never know the means by which God will use to draw someone to Himself. He may just partner with you in accomplishing His purpose.

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