Thursday, July 2, 2009

One True God

This post is a two part audio story broadcast on Focus on the Family. It is the story of the Yanomamo people and specifically the story of Chief Shoefoot the man pictured in the photo. This man speaks about his experience as a Shaman of his people and how he renounced that and became a Christian. In the depths of the jungle, this man and his people are keenly aware of the spiritual realm and of the God of the universe. This is a powerful testimony.

(I have only had limited success with this embedded playbar so if it does not work, click the hyperlink and play the broadcast directly from the site by selecting stream or mp3.)

Below, is part two of that interview where the audience is invited to ask Chief Shoefoot questions. It is a wonderful question and answer session where Chief Shoefoot clearly articulates the very real conflict that is ongoing in the spiritual realm. If the embedded playbar doesn't work, and the hyperlink below fails, go to and type "One True God- pt.2" in the search bar and it will take you to the recording. I wish I could do better but, I'm somewhat technologically inept.

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