Monday, July 13, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 5

We took a break and had some dinner. Rick, TJ, and my son all sat down and grabbed a bite to eat. After dinner we had the longest conversation with two ladies who happened to be sitting at the same table. It all started with a million dollar bill and a curved illusion tract.

Rebecca and Brittany

TJ began the conversation with a curved illusion which is always a great ice breaker. Rebecca is 15 and Brittany is 16.

Notice the hat that Brittany has on. The next picture is a closeup of the hat. It has a "one way" street sign motif with "Jesus" embroidered on the diagonal. Listen to the conversation. At the 3:14 mark she says, "Yes, she had blasphemed before she became a Christian. So she is acknowledging she is a Christian. At 11:15 in the conversation, TJ asks her point blank, "So if I were to ask you if you were a Christian, what would you say?" Brittany said, "Probably not." At 15:10 in the conversation, TJ asks her, "Is what I'm saying making sense? If you had to compare yourself to scripture how are you doing right now? Would you say, that in fact you have been born of him?" She said, "I have no idea what that means." By the end, she says that she is a new Christian that is just starting to hate sin. I explained you can't just "sorta" hate sin, it's all or nothing. All three of us, (Rick, TJ, and myself) talked with these ladies. It was very eye-opening.

Here is the audio of the conversation. If the playbar doesn't work, click on the link below.

Please keep these young ladies in your prayers. By the end of our conversation, Rebecca (on the left) and Brittany realized that they really had no clue what they believed or why they believed it when we explained to them what the Bible said. They were both really appreciative of the time we spent and thanked us for explaining so many things to them. Rebecca said she wasn't even a Christian but was there to hear the music. TJ gave them a recording of Paul Washer, and also two DVD's. Pray that they actually listened to or watched them together and shared what they learned with their youth leader.

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