Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 4

Nick & Jeremiah
This is Nick and Jeremiah. I handed them a Million Dollar bill and asked them where they thought they'd spend eternity. Jeremiah, the one on the right, said he had already received two of these million dollar tracts earlier today and read the back and concluded that he was definitely saved. So I asked him what he wouuld tell me if I were dying right now before his eyes. He said that he would tell me to pray and believe in Jesus and he would save me. I told him, "Jeremiah, you're close." He said, "I am? What am I missing?" I explained repentance and told him that I was a pretender for a few years before I really understood what repentance looked like. I explained that you can't continue in the same habitual sins and then keep asking for forgiveness because it just doesn't work like that. He said he agreed and was happy to talk with me and then went on to articulate the faith quite well. Out of the groups of young people I talked with, he was the only one that I suspect might have been a Christian.

My son was a tracting fiend- he was handing them out left and right. He handed them to these two gentlemen and they kind of hung around looking to see all the different Celebrity Millions he had. As I walked up I had my recorder on and recorded one of the best samples of the types of conversations that we kept having all day with these kids.
Brandon & Austin

This is Brandon and Austin. Here is the recording of the whole conversation. It breaks your heart that so many kids are at an event where the preachers and spokepeople for the bands have their undivided attention and instead of preaching the entire Gospel and shattering any ideas that they have of their inherant goodness, most of the sermons by the bands were this "God-shaped hole in the heart only Jesus can fill" and "Jesus made my life better" genre. I wouldn't have believed it had I not heard it with my own two ears. It's this watered-down Gospel which is cranking out a generation of young people who not only can not articulate the basic tenents of the Christian faith, but after sharing the Gospel many aren't even sure they are saved. They are convinced that walking the aisle and accepting Him is all that is required. When pressed to define, "What does accepting Him mean?" the answer I heard most frequently was, "It means asking Him into your heart."

I tried to edit this so that I canceled out as much of the background noise as possible, but it was so loud. If the playbar doesn't work, I've included the link so that you can hear. I've only gotten this crazy playbar to work twice. But, the link will take you to the clip.

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