Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 3

Just a little side not about how we got to go to this Festival. Through God's wonderful provision, we were able to get into Ichthus for free. I'd called my friends TJ & Kelly to let them know I was praying for them since I knew they were there that week-end. I also told them our vacation plans were delayed by one day and I really wished that I could go but couldn't see paying the almost $100 price for two people the day before we left on vacation. We all agreed, "Next year." and then I hung up. Not ten minutes later Kelly called back and said, "Girl, guess what? We got some free wristbands!" A person who had obtained several wristbands couldn't use them and it is against the rules to sell them so my friend TJ said he could use them. I asked for two of them. What wonderful provision from God! Devin joined us as well. Here is a picture of him and my son.
TJ began talking with a group of kids. He asked for a curved illusion and I handed him one.

Here he is showing the mesmerized teens! They jumped back and couldn't believe their eyes. But, I tell you after an illusion like that, it's hard not to listen.

He was able to talk with them for quite awhile. The blessing is that we were able to talk to group after group of people and they all listened and walked away genuinely thinking about the conversation. Some seemed unaffected, others were concerned, others were going to rethink their lives. There were so many people and so little time.

Here's Rick handing out tracts too. He went to the Academy last year and was TJ's partner.

The next few posts, I will have audio of conversations that TJ and I had with people at the Festival.

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