Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How pretty is your Bible?

You know, I was reading the latest issue of Voice of the Martyrs (July 2009) and I was struck by an article at the end of the magazine. It was about Narayan Gowda, a former radical Hindu who is now a fellow believer in Christ. He was holding Bibles in his hands that had been burned by attackers. Upon first glance though, I thought that this was a picture of his Bibles and noticed how tattered they looked. Eventhough I learned that these were pictures of Bibles that had been burnt, but I thought, "I wonder how many Christians' Bibles look like this from genuine hours of rich study of His Word?"

What does your Bible look like? Don't get me wrong I understand that there is not necessarily a correlation between the "look" of someone's Bible and their piety or spiritual maturity.

Something curious I've noticed is that they don't make Bibles the way the used to. Today, it takes very little actual use to get that worn look. How sad that many Christians don't even use their Bibles enough to KNOW that it is poorly made.

I believe the way to know the difference between the ones truly using their Bible and the ones who aren't could best be summed up by Charles Spurgeon who is reported to have said, "A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't."

Following is one of the best admonishments I've heard encouraging us specifically to persevere in scripture reading and Bible study. Watch it and ask yourself, "Are you not only persevering in your walk, but specifically in the study of the scriptures or do you just give the appearance that you are because you're too foolish to know that your cheap Bible is falling apart because you left it on the dashboard of your hot car which only gives the appearance of use?"

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