Thursday, July 23, 2009

Found a great open air shirt

My oldest son and I decided to check out a new Goodwill store that opened close to our home today. They had some really great t-shirts and he was fortunate enough to find his first open air shirt!
I had never thought to look for an open air shirt at Goodwill but it really had many promising possibilities. Here are the ones that were contenders. This is the first one. I loved it! He said, "Uh mom, it's got pink on it! No way!" Oops. OK, we'll skip that one.

This one was quite catchy since the top of it says, "Life Safety 101: Hear a fire alarm?" The girl is asking if they should leave the dorm and the guy is telling her that it's safe and that it's only a false alarm. We almost got this but the other side had something about the fire marshall on the other side and it was also quite busy looking.

With this one, we thought that since neither grandfather is a green beret it might lead to misunderstanding so it would be best if we left it at Goodwill. But, it was catchy.

Getting closer- It says, "Authentic Worship." On the back is the name of some church's youth group and their website. Since we're not a part of that church or youth group, we declined.

And the winner is...

WARNING: Do not play video games on the Freeway! It is perfect! He can't wait to try it out!

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