Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8 year old girl shares the Gospel

My youngest daughter went to day camp this week and tried her hand at sharing the Gospel. She had told me the day before that there was a little boy who lied to her about cheetos during lunchtime. Although I don't fully understand the cheeto incident, she talked with the little boy today and worked it into her Gospel sharing experience. She was also able to share with another little boy. However, there was a little girl she tried to share with that wanted nothing to do with it so she just moved on.

Encourage and equip your kids to share the Gospel. When they start young, sharing the Gospel will not feel so foreign to them. I had a desire to share the Gospel for many years but just didn't have the knowledge of how to use God's law. Unfortunately, I was in my 30's before I began to consistently share my faith. I don't want my kids to be ill-equipped or to hide behind excuses or to believe it is only the preacher's job. I want them to understand their obligation to share their faith and get lots of practice while they're young.

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