Monday, June 29, 2009

Hispanic Outreach

On May 30th, our family was able to participate in the launch of a church for the Hispanic Community in our city. The Pastor, David Agrinsoni is starting a new church and decided to have a family-oriented outreach to the community to help launch it. It was a beautiful day! We set up tables and chairs, blew up balloons, had the food ready, while a group went door to door to hand out tracts and invitations.

Under the pavilion, they set up speakers so they would be able to preach and have music later.

From left to right, my dear husband (in the sombrero), the pastor David Agrinsoni, Sean, and Tony. My husband and Tony were paired with another Spanish speaking person. With their tracts and invitations in hand, they headed out through the neighborhood. Many started coming by shortly just out of curiosity. They would walk by the park or drive up and just watch as we were setting up. I had ordered Spanish tracts for this event and was so glad to have these for the many Spanish speaking people we encountered that day.

Here is a man that I saw just sitting in his car watching what we were doing. I grabbed some information about the church and a tract and handed it to him. It was the "Are you a Good Person?" in Spanish. Don't let a language barrier stop you from trying since it is the Lord that saves. Just be obedient. He continued to sit in the car and read it from cover to cover.

Here, Shawn and Bill are able to witness to two men in the park. There were people and opportunities everywhere.

Two more outreaches are planned for later in the summer. There is one planned for July and on in August. If you are in the central Kentucky area, please join us. There will be more witnessing opportunities than you can shake a stick at!

To see one of the most memorable witnessing encounters I've had goto and read about Randy Travis Hammond.

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