Sunday, June 7, 2009

Convention Witnessing

I'm a bit behind on updating my witnessing encounters. We've had a busy Spring and I totally reworked our backyard. In 5 weeks I have hauled in 5000 lbs. of compost and 2000 lbs. of mulch and gotten our vegetable garden expanded and planted, planted another garden and got 9 trees planted. Now that things are settling down, I wanted to share with you some of the opportunities that God has allowed into my life. I have been stretched and challenged for sure.

In the middle of April I drove to Cincinnati for a homeschool convention that I attended over a period of 3 days. It was pretty large and there were ample opportunities to witness everywhere. Here is an overhead view of the convention hall.

I gave tracts to each of the vendors as I picked up information or purchased something from them. They all received them pretty enthusiastically. Never assume that because many people claim to be Christians that they truly are. Since this convention took place at a large convention center, the vendors cooking food in the food court and around the perimeter of the area were employees. There were several opportunities to hand out the million dollar bills to several employees.

Here is my fishing buddy, Kaitlyn. She is one neat lady. She is mom to 10, 8 of whom are teens. Their whole family loves fishing and look for frequent opportunities to share the Gospel. I count it an honor to have people such as them in our lives. These were the best fruit smoothies we'd had in our lives. Of course, everything tastes better with a parasol in it!

Kaitlyn was definitely more proactive then I was at first. I was afraid that I would be violating the "no handling out literature" rule and so in the convention center I was very reluctant. Not Kaitlyn. She'd whip out those million dollar bills and work the crowd before they even knew what had hit them! Here she is talking to a group of women and just being real telling them what Christ had done in her life.

Look for those opportunities to share the Gospel even at "Christian" labeled events. I handed out tons of Christmas Cash as a Christian concert I attended in December. I'm sure many of you have already come to that realization, but I guess I'm a little slower. It never occurred to me to hand out tracts at overtly Christian events until about a year ago.

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