Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fishing at the Kentucky Derby (pt.5)

Here is a picture of my oldest son and Rachel handing out million dollar bills to the people passing by. My son handed out Kentucky Derby Trivia tracts and about 400 million dollar bills. Rachel's hat was a hit and when million dollar bills weren't flying off of it, it was a really great conversation starter.

My youngest daughter actually had a conversation with this woman. you can barely see the woman behind the man that is walking. The lady asked her what it was she said, "It's a Gospel tract that tells you about Jesus." I was so proud of her and her willingness at such a young age. I told the kids they didn't have to hand out tracts but they had to go with me since my husband was out of town being a pallbearer at a funeral. They all joyfully handed out tracts.

Although, I did think it was funny to hear a woman comment as she passed, "That is just ashame that they are making those kids do that!" If only she knew.

In fact, my eldest daughter (below, wearing the black sweats with white stripes) said she was too scared to hand out tracts. I told her that was OK and said she may just want to try handing out one. After she handed out her first one she was hooked! She really enjoyed handing them to people and having them request more as well as realizing that afterwards someone may go home and read the tract and become convicted of their sin and repent. She shared on the way home that she was terrified at first and didn't want to, but after so many people enthusiastically accepted the tract, she saw that what I had been telling her was true: attitude is everything. Do you really care about the spiritual state that people are in or are you doing this to notch numbers in your belt?

Here is TJ and Brian. Brian just went to the Academy in March and lives not too far from Louisville. TJ was his team leader at the Academy. It was great to meet another brother in Christ and one that likes wearing just spanky T-shirts to boot. Here he is featuring his "Evolution of the Coco-Cola can."

Here Jessica and my youngest daughter and my youngest son in action. They handed out several. I must say, having children handing out tracts certainly reduces the hostility that a crowd has towards you. Only a fool would attack a child verbally and it didn't happen. Another thing I noticed about the kids handing out tracts, every homosexual man that was offered a tract readily accepted one from the kids but would rebuff the men or anyone else. In fact, it was the homosexual men that would make kind comments. I believe it was safe to assume that when two men are walking hand in hand and wearing things that no other man would that they were homosexual. That is one thing that bothers me about sharing the Gospel with homosexual men who have already been witnessed too in an angry, hostile way. It breaks my heart because when you scream at people that they are going to hell as if God sets homosexuality apart from all other sins and puts you on the the "Do not pass go and go directly to jail (hell)" pathway as if you were playing Monopoly, it's just wrong. ALL sin is wrong not just sexual sin or perversion. To tell people this is the way God is, is a grave error in my opinion and I believe it does more damage than good.

There were all kinds of entertainment literally on every street corner. I commented to TJ that I was going to tell Kelli how much he wanted a pair of those black and purple stockings the banjo player was wearing. Unfortunately, TJ said he already had a pair. He wasn't kidding. Only in Kentucky.

Yet another shot of the unbelievable crowds that were there. We had to be standing in the middle of approximately 10,000 people that passed us by just in out little area.

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Craig said...

Hello, I'm encouraged by your post. It's good to see young people going out and witnessing.