Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fishing at the Kentucky Derby (pt.4)

This is Djinda and she comes from Thailand. For some reason she was attracted to us, especially my daughters. She held on to my arm and wouldn't let go. She didn't want me to buy anything nor was she panhandling me. In broken English she said, "This for you" as she pointed to them. She just wanted to give them bottled water. I knew she was out there trying to make money and I didn't want to take something from her so I politely refused, but she insisted. Then she said, "I learn English. I love American citizens!" She was just a sweetie pie.

I gave her a "Why Christianity?" booklet tract and the "Are you a good person" cartoon tract. This is a good tract since there are so many pictures. I ordered it from Living Waters. It's all I had and I knew her English was limited. When I gave it to her, she asked what it was. I told her it was a Gospel tract and that it told about Jesus. She sort of understood. When I said it was about God she seemed to understand a little more and gave me a hug. She then held my hand and wouldn't let go. I told her it was for her to keep and to get someone who understands English to read it to her. I suggested maybe her teacher could help her. She wasn't weird but she just kept holding on to me and didn't want to let go. It wasn't a bad thing. I'd just never had anything like that happen before. Maybe I reminded her of someone. We were heading up the sidewalk so we needed to leave. She gave me one more hug and I snapped this photo before we left. I will pray for her for the rest of my life.

Rachel was standing beside me and as we were leaving, we talked to each other wondering if perhaps God had ordained this woman to spend eternity with Him and moved her from Thailand to a corner in Louisville, Kentucky to receive the Gospel this very day so that she might be saved. I'm not saying that is the way it will happen, however, I believe keeping an eternal perspective on all that we do and our motives is so important. I wished that I could have communicated the truths of God to her but I don't worry about it because God will accomplish what He desires and won't be thwarted by a language barrier.

Remember Numbers 22-25? It is the story of Baalam. Balak summoned Baalam who was a seer to curse Israel. It is actually a very funny story rich with irony as every time Baalam opened his mouth he spoke blessings upon Israel which really hacked Balak off. Through seven oracles given by God, Baalam spoke blessings which leads to this principle: God can speak through whomever He chooses and through whatever means He chooses and truth may be presented through an unlikely source.

Will you look for those times when God calls you to obey? What area of your life are you not obedient?

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