Monday, May 4, 2009

Fishing at the Kentucky Derby (pt.2)

Here's a close-up of the fabulous conversation starter Derby hat. She just got a cheap straw hat and taped million dollar bills on it with a sign "Anyone want $1,000,000?" She glued roses on top since the Kentucky Derby is also known as "the Run for the Roses" and -voila! That's one snazzy conversation starter.

TJ witnessed to this guy- he was a character! TJ gave him a million dollar bill and began to witness to him. I was recording the conversation when Merlene walked up and I began witnessing to her. Fish were jumping in the boat left and right. These pictures don't do it justice. While we were talking, the kids were handing out tracts and even Donald was handing out tracts in the middle of the street.

After TJ had explained the Gospel the man knew we were talking about God so when I went to take a picture he said, "Oh don't take a picture with me wearing this shirt!" I thought that was pretty amazing that this man's conscience was convicting him about the content of his shirt after TJ's conversation with him! Funny, huh?

This is Merlene. I met her as we were coming out of the ally. She saw Rachel's hat and asked for a million. I offered her some Obama millions and she asked for more. She was going to a cookout later that night and wanted to give them to her kids and some friends. I thought, "Go right ahead." This woman is going to aid in the spreading of the Gospel. It's mind boggling to think that someone she gives the tract to could read the message on the back and be brought under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and then repent and believe!

She asked what the tract was since it looked like a picture of Obama on the million dollar bill. I told her it's a Gospel tract and on the back is the million dollar question. So she flipped over the bill and read the million dollar question out loud. I asked her, "Do you think you're good enough to go to heaven?" She said, "I hope so." Whenever someone answers like that, it always breaks my heart and I immediately spend time taking them through the complete Gospel message because it's apparent they really don't know and they they probably do not possess a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She really thought she was a pretty good person and that she could go to heaven until I took her through the good person test.

As I explained that if we break a law here and end up in court then it makes logical sense that if God is the judge that He will judge us by His law and that our own goodness or our own assumption of goodness doesn't matter. She really listened and then just stared in silence for a few seconds at the million dollar bill and said, "I see what you're saying." I explained that this requires faith and repentance in Jesus Christ and that He is the only way God will forgive our sins. I always explain repentance and distinguish it from worldy sorrow. She thanked me for our talk and said that she was going to think about what we had discussed. I thanked her for talking with me. She was more than happy to pose for this picture. She also had to get back to work trying to entice people to park in her yard.

It took us about 45 minutes for us to walk one block because there were so many people in the neighborhood and on the street that would never be on 4th and Central. Here is TJ handing out tracts to some of the traffic safety officers.

We headed up the street and these police and security officers were seated at the entrance to a gate in front of the stables where the horses who were getting ready to run in the Derby were stabled. The man that is closest to TJ is Officer Alvin. He asked who published the tract and if we were with someone I'd never heard of before. TJ told him that this tract was from Way of the Master and Ray Comfort. He got really excited and said, "I LOVE Way of the Master! I listen to everything I can get my hands on!" That was really neat to see another brother in Christ. You never know who you might run in to.

The military police were happy to take some tracts and "Derby Trivia" tracts too. We made sure to give some tracts to the young ladies right by the MP's who had just been asked to pour out their beer all while trying to convince them that they were 26! They barely looked like they were out of their teens.

We probably handed out 100 tracts and had about 10 one on one conversations with people from where we parked the cars up to where we hit the main gate for the infield.

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