Monday, April 27, 2009

Suffering to Learn

This has been such a simultaneously difficult and very blessed season of my life. I think it quite providential that at the time that I have been drawing nearer to the Lord, I have seen this series of sermons, which amazingly, address the very aspect of the difficulty that I am currently experiencing.

In the Fall of 2008, I felt led to memorize the book of 1 Peter. My memory is horrible and I struggle to retain things after a car accident scrambled my brains in 1994. I'd never had the gumption to try to memorize a book before but I knew that I was impressed to learn this.

Then in early 2009, Pastor Mark Driscoll started a series on 1 Peter. Wow! How amazing that I had a primer on 1 Peter for 3 months and then the Lord allows extra exposition and practical application through this sermon series. Through this, I have felt the Lord's presence in ways I have never experienced and while I can't necessarily say that this is on the top ten list of things I would like to experience, it is so beneficial and I am thankful for what the Lord is showing me. Pastor Mark addresses the root of the difficulty that both my husband and I are experiencing during this season. This video addresses suffering when it is being committed against you and you are not committing any sin. You can start the video at 5:40 as this is where he begins the sermon.

May you be richly blessed, if perhaps, you are being sinned against for doing right and living with integrity and you don't know what to do with suffering.

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