Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Suffering to Bless

Since last year, our family has been going through difficulty and trial. We have learned much through this trial so it has been valuable. I just watched this video of a sermon by Mark Driscoll and it really helped focus my perpective and also challenged me to maintain the right attitude and perspective while we are walking through our valley. I really took some instruction from him showing the correct way we should respond. I have a tendancy to withdraw and not want to "bother" anyone with my problems. But, by isolating yourself, you may be depriving another borhter or sister in Christ from ministering to you and giving Christlike support to you. I also especially liked his perspective on evangelism. Around the 40 minute mark he addresses point #4 which relates to evangelism. Take an hour or so and listen to this sermon and be encouraged by the message.

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dede said...

hi sister. i'm prayin for u and may Adonai supply all your needs.