Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mission Good Friday 2009

For Mission Good Friday, we headed downtown. We decided to go early because severe weather was forecast in the afternoon and for the remainder of the evening. I headed with my "team" complete with umbrellas and open air "boxes." This was across the street from our courthouse and in front of the central library. My eldest son was the camera crew, but at times it was a little shaky. Just listen to the audio, because the video isn't that important.

While I was reading, it began to rain. After it stopped, two gentlemen stood in front of me and listened to the whole reading. One was a homeless man named Paul and the other was Joseph. I was able to share the Gospel with them even though both of them professed Christianity. Paul said he was a bad Catholic but was a very good person. We were able to share law and grace and encourage him to not rely on his works to get him to heaven because there is nothing that he can do to get to heaven on his own. Joseph said he was a Christian and I asked him what he would tell me if I had a knife in my back and 2 minutes to live and wanted to go to heaven. He said call on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. I explained that repentance is key. I explained repentance and clarified the difference between godly sorrow and worldly sorrow and encouraged him to walk in obedience and if he had habitual sin he struggled with, to repent and God would give him the strength to escape.

I'm not some whack job out there wildly screaming at people and never explaining that they are sick. Until they see they are ill the cure will never make sense. I am just someone who is deeply burdened for the lost and feel the weight of responsibility God has placed upon my shoulders to walk in obedience. I am grateful for what the Lord has done for me by His death on the cross that I could barely maintain my composure when I had to read, "Crucify him! Crucify him!"

I guaran-dang-tee you those men would not have darkened the door of my church or perhaps any church this Easter Sunday. There is a dying world that needs to hear the Gospel and if we are going to continue with the arrogant thought and attitude that we will just keep building more and more churches and they will come, we are deluded. God doesn't need my help. He needs my obedience and EVERY Christian has been given the duty of sharing the Gospel and making disciples. This job is not reserved "just" for the pastor of the church. The pastor should be equipping believers to GO OUT and share the Gospel and make converts as well as feeding the flock. The pastor of a church has a great responsibility placed upon his shoulders, but he is not the only "authorized" person to share the Gospel.

When we as Christians stop playing church and actually walk in obedience, churches will become vibrant centers where living water flows (John 4) from them to quench the thirst of a dying world and it will stop being a holding tank for converts who have become bloated carcasses who do nothing but consume.

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