Monday, April 20, 2009

Ministry opportunities abound!

Well, it's been a busy week-end. I went to a convention in another state and handed out lots of tracts. But, the exciting news is that no sooner had I posted about my spiritual obesity and needing to serve, God provided an opportunity!

He knows that I deeply desire to walk in obedience to Him and I also want to help in any way I can. I have been praying for so long that we would be able to serve in a church that wants to tell people about Jesus. I am truly convinced that chasing people down to make a decision for Christ is the least effective and downright least obedient route for sharing the Gospel. It is emotionally manipulative and creates false converts. However, if you do not have the infrastructure laid do disciple those who are new in Christ, then they are in danger of never making it past the spiritual milk/baby stage of the Christian walk.

We believe we have been led to a church where the pastor is truly committed to evangelism and wants people to be soundly saved. He called on Thursday of last week asking if I could take a person to the doctor whom he had been in contact with. It was a wonderful opportunity to touch base with this lady who is going through an extremely difficult time in her life. On our ride to her appointment, she shared that her husband is questioning if there is really a God. Please be in prayer for this couple and that as we share the full Gospel with them that the Lord would continue to draw them to Him.

The Derby is coming in a few weeks and I am getting very excited about sharing the Gospel! I've never been to the Derby because I have never had a desire to go just for the sake of the Derby. But, to share the Gospel will be incredible!

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