Monday, April 6, 2009

Is abortion really murder?

While this is primarily and evangelism oriented blog encouraging believers to share their faith, I believe strongly in the right of the unborn. Hollywood declares that this human being, an image bearer of God, is simply a choice- nothing more, nothing less. However, watch this video clip and see how far we have strayed from when this original movie was made to the time of the remake.

Over the holidays I had a conversation with my niece. She lives at a boarding school and graduates next month to go to college. In the name of having a "superior education" she has been indoctrinated by the post-modern, feminist, Darwinistic worldview which advocates survival of the fittest which was picked up by the likes of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. She is so educated she can't argue her way out of theological paper bag yet professes to be a Christian. It's sad. She actually believes that it's OK to abort a child up to a certain point because she reasoned that it can't feel and it is unconscious so it's excusable. However, when pressed to reveal that defining point in a pregnancy when it is OK to kill the child and when it is not OK, she couldn't answer.

In spite of being shown the video of Gianna Jessen (click here to see the video who was a survivor of a botched abortion attempt, all she could focus on was the fact that Ms. Jessen seemed to "talk meanly" to the men as she was exhorting the members of the Australian Parliament to vote against supporting a measure similar to the Infants Born Alive Act in Australia because she sharply admonished them, "to be men and act honorably and do what is right for the unborn, the weakest members of society because she was tired of doing their job."

After that, I became even more resolute about the education of my children and making certain that they did not become casualties of the culture. I am teaching them about the current world view that is so pervasive in America right now. They will be equipped to logically dismantle arguments that their peers try to use to justify a God-forsaken worldview.

A wonderful place for information on the current worldview and how to communicate these truths to the culture around you and equip your children is Attend a "Code Blue Rally" in your area and in a 3-hour seminar get an overview of the most dangerous philosophies invading the schools and the culture. I believe the information will also be very helpful when sharing the Gospel and you encounter the typical "atheist" (a.k.a. agnostic) who believes in evolution. It is imperative that you constantly expand the tools in your tool bag you use when evangelizing so you may be equipped to encounter the culture wisely.

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