Wednesday, April 29, 2009

His name was Micah

I was out in the backyard when I heard someone yell from the top of the hill in the front yard. He was from one of those companies trying to sell prepackaged meat and seafood from his truck. I let my husband know from the basement that someone was at the front door. I went back to my gardening project because a lot of rain was predicted for the next several days and it was going to be dark soon. I was exhausted and had been working 10-12 hours per day on this for several days and nothing was going to stop me from getting this done before the rain.

Then the Lord said, "Get your head off of yourself and your project and go open that new box of tracts that just came in and don't miss this opportunity that I just sent to your door!" Ouch.

I had just ordered a lot of tracts for the Kentucky Derby this week-end and hadn't had a chance to open them up. Now was the perfect opportunity. My son had already raided the tract stash in an attempt to give one to this guy. He was unaware of the new ones that had arrived. We pulled out one of the celebrity millions and headed up to talk to this guy.

Our son is becoming more bold about sharing the Gospel and so he gave him one. It was a "Harrison Ford" million. He laughed and thought is was really neat as my son said, "Thanks a million." He then asked him if he had a religious background. He said, "Well yeah, my name is Micah!" We laughed and then he proceeded to tell us that his grandfather is a preacher in Virginia. Hmmm, just because grandpa is a preacher doesn't mean you're saved.

But, it seems to be the case for many I talk to in the Bible belt, they're all saved. I can't say whether he was a Christian or not nor was that even my goal. I just wanted to make sure that ultimately the guy was able to hear the Gospel before he left. My son told him to read the back of the tract. He did and was very kind but since it was late and he was trying to sell the rest of what he had on his truck, he couldn't stay long. We talked briefly about repentance and faith and he nodded in affirmation. He kept affirming what we were saying to him.

When I had opened the box to pull out my new tracts, I also grabbed a "Why Christianity?" tract by Ray Comfort. You can order this tract at It is an almost 20 page mini booklet that you can give to someone when sharing the Gospel. It begins by using the analogy of jumping from a plane. Would you want the Mona Lisa, a new Lamborghini, a million dollars, or a parachute? It then shares details of a heinous crime that was committed against a child, asks what the reader believes should be done to the murderer and then compares Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. The complete Gospel is given at the end showing that Christianity is the only way.

I wouldn't hand them out indiscriminately because they are about 50 cents each. I love this tract and had never used it before. Micah started flipping through it and reading a little as we continued to try to see if he thinks he's good enough to go to heaven or does he realize that no one is good enough. Micah was very excited and said emphatically, "I'm going to read it as soon as I get in my truck!" We know he had to go, but I pray that the little my son and I were able to share was able to plant the seed in the heart of this young man if he was unsaved. I was really impressed with this tract and look forward to using it in the future. Oh, and uh, I got my project complete before the rain.

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