Monday, March 30, 2009

While you're waiting for the weather to warm up...

Well, it has been a difficult week and a half due mostly to illnesses but everyone is on the mend and I will post a video of me using the super-sized pink & blues. They actually worked! Pray that I don't have any further trouble with my video editing program.

It's Springtime and if you are waiting for the weather to dry up or warm up so that you can go to your old fishin' holes, try mailing out copies of Hell's Best Kept Secret to pastors in the area. This is just one of many ways you an be faithful in your area if you aren't blessed with warm weather year round. Your Chamber of Commerce or your yellow pages should be able to supply the names of the churches in your area. Also, don't forget to pay attention to signs on the side of the road advertising new church startups. In our area alone there are three new startups. These signs will include the website of the church where you can obtain contact information. Include a simple letter stating that you are certain that spreading the Gospel is very important to them and that perhaps this teaching will give them a perspective they have never considered before. Then pray that God softens the hearts of those that receive it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cyber Evangelizing on Facebook

If you ever never even thought or considered cyber-evangelizing it's a great way to share the Gospel. For those of us who have been stuck indoors due to the winter weather, this is a great way to work out those cabin fever frustrations!

I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with someone related distantly to my husband recently. He lives out of state and I have only visited with him a few times in the last 20 years. I've known him since he was a little boy and have only seen him on a few occasions since we live in different states. He is now in his early 20's. This was my first cyber-evangelism experience. As I was getting ready to shut down my computer and go to bed, he instant messaged me. He occasionally pops in to say "hi!" The beauty of this moment is that I had 3 other ladies instant message me on Facebook at the same time and I asked them to all start praying. I would update them frequently throughout this discussion I had with him. I've never had so many people Instant Message me at the same time, and I believe it was God supplying me with prayer support by fellow sisters in Christ.

If you've never considered witnessing in cyberspace or don't know how, pray that God sends an opportunity to you and then just try it. I copied the transcript of our conversation and only edited it for brevity or to maintain anonymity. I pray that it is of help to you. Towards the end of the transcript, the words are a little out of kilter. Sorry, I don't know how to edit HTML.

"D..." is a first responder with the fire department and so the segue to opening a discussion about death was easy! He loves his job.

10:29pm Him

ya i love that stuff

ya i got into the job for blood, guts, and sirens, not helping people ;) hahaha

10:30pm Me

Makes you think doesn't it? You know about death?

Have you ever thought about what happens when you die?

10:32pm Him

use to, anymore i just think of a person, sadly but true, they if i pick up a fatality at a scene they are just like a hunk of meat until i get to the hospital and see the family, i guess that's my grieving process with it is to not even look at them as a person but with the family around its hard

It took awhile for me to get him to understand I was serious about death, or more specifically, his future death.

10:44pm Me

what do you think happens when you die? heaven? hell? nothing?

10:45pm Him

i know what i hope for and that's an easy chair in the sky

10:45pm Me

You mean, like heaven?

La Z Boy recliner?

10:48pm Him

yes, and yes

10:48pm Me

So what do you think you have to do to go to heaven, D...?

I mean, I read a startling statistic the other day...10 out of 10 of us are going to die.

10:49pm Him

hahaha I've seen that in my line of work

10:50pm Me

What do you think you need to do so that you will be sure to get your recliner in the sky?


10:51pm Him

well, just stay on the road he leads me down, and not divert off too much its getting a lot easier to keep straight being so busy there aren't as many distractions

10:52pm Me

You know, I thought the same thing too for many years... I know what you mean about distractions

Do you think you're a pretty good person?

10:52pm Him

ha, I think I try

I'm like anyone I have flaws but I try

10:52pm Me

We all do

Do you know that there is a standard that God uses for us all?

10:53pm Him

but dang distractions are nice after a long time of being good lol

whats that?

10:54pm Me

well, have you ever heard of the 10 comandments?

10:54pm Him

maybe a time or two

10:54pm Me

Do you think you've kept them? any of them?

10:54pm Him

not one bit

some but not near all

10:54pm Me

you're an honest man!

Have you ever told a lie?

10:55pm Him

at least one a day prolly

10:55pm Me

what does that make you? if you've told a lie, that is.

10:55pm Him

keeps people on their toes with ya


10:55pm Me

well, more specifically, If I lied you'd call me a... begins with L and rhymes with fire

10:56pm Him

lol hmm.....what is a liar alex? i know i know

10:56pm Me

Have you ever stolen anything, even when you were little?

10:56pm Him

that's one thing I've never done

10:57pm Me

You've never downloaded music or anything illegally off the internet?

10:57pm Him


10:57pm Me



Have you ever taken God's name in vain, you know like OMG?or worse?

10:58pm Him

every two or three seconds

10:59pm Me

Here's the one that gets me, you know

the 7th command says don't commit adultery, but Jesus said if you so much as LOOK at a woman to lust after her in your heart you've committed adultery with her in your heart, done that?

11:00pm Him

oh dear human I'm a young college guy

11:00pm Me

D..., by your own admission, you're a lying, thieving, blasphemous adulterer at heart and that is only 4 out

of 10 and you have to face God on Judgment Day. If He used that standard will He Judge you innocent or guilty?

11:00pm Him


haha i know I'm hosed


Which do you think, innocent or guilty?

11:01pm Him

I'm guilty but at least I admit it

11:02pm Me

Yes, you do. But if you're guilty, do you think God would sentence you to heaven or hell?

11:03pm Him

that's a good question, I guess He is the only one to decide that

11:03pm Me

If you were standing before a judge in the court of civil law and said, "I'm guilty but at least I admit it" do you think that would help your case?

11:06pm Me

But, seriously, what additional evidence

could you offer to a judge when your guilt has already been established? Just curious?

11:06pm Him

i guess nothing

11:07pm Me

If you were standing before God, knowing that you have violated his standard of moral perfection and that because He is a good judge he is getting ready to sentence you to hell, would that concern you?

11:07pm Him

well of course it would

11:07pm Me

It should!

See, in the court of civil law if we murdered, raped, or whatever, and then said, "Judge I'm really sorry, I was having a bad day and I promise I won't do it again and I haven't for years so I know you will let me go

You know that won't happen, right?

11:08pm Him

...stranger things have happened

people get off on technicalities like that sometimes

11:09pm Me

Let's put it this way, if you walked in and you saw a man had just murdered your family and was standing over them with the bloody knife... you tackle him and the police come

11:09pm Him

but i understand what you are saying he wouldn't make it by the time the police came, I'd be breaking a

commandment that I hadn't broke yet

in all honesty

11:10pm Me

they haul him away and he has his day in court and then says Judge I didn't really mean to .... and the judge says, "Well, OK. I think you're really sorry...I'll let you go" You'd go ballistic, right!!!!????

11:12pm Me

God will be that judge one day D... and because he is a GOOD judge who is NOT corrupt, he will see to it that ALL liars, murderers, thieves will be punished

D..., I care for you, do you know what He did for you?

11:13pm Him


which is my fetish in this job so I love it haha


He made a way to escape the penalty His son Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, of course you know that but have you REPENTED of your sins and placed your faith in him?

11:14pm Him

well, I can’t say I’ve gone all out

I asked if he had any difficulty believing that Jesus is who he said he was and he said not really, but he was still taking things too lightly. So, I told him that Jesus fulfilled over 60 specific prophecies and that if only 1 man fulfilled ONLY 8 that it would be 1 x 10 to the 17th power.

11:19pm Me

What I'm trying to say is if Jesus is who he says he is and the Bible is true, then

I'm concerned about you that you have not repented and believed in Jesus

God WILL judge ALL sinners and ONLY Jesus can save you

11:19pm Him

i c what you are saying

11:20pm Me

D..., if you admitted that you are a lawbreaker and you know that God will judge you because you violated His standard, your ONLY hope is Jesus!

11:21pm Him

i know


D..., you never know when your are going to die!

You see it every day!

My friend's husband was an athlete biking to work and had a MI and died

11:21pm Him

I know those are the hardest ones

I find that many people don't understand what repentance truly means. I know that it was never explained to me and I didn't know for many years what it meant either.

11:22pm Me

I care about you D..., please humble yourself, and realize that because you broke God's law He is obligated to punish you and that He loves you so much He provided a way of escape in Jesus. Place your faith in him and repent

Do you know what repent REALLY means?

11:23pm Him

to ask for forgiveness?

11:23pm Me

Not really

11:23pm Him
then what is it?
11:23pm Me

Repentance means that you TURN from your sins. that means you do a 180 NOT a 360

11:24pm Him

less dizzy right? but I do understand what you mean

11:24pm Me

You get a new heart and you no longer have the same desires because you are so grateful that God did not give you what you deserve which is hell

11:25pm Me

Out of gratitude, you do a 180 on the things you used to love!

It is NOTHING that you can will yourself to do, did you know that?

11:25pm Him

....but dang its hard

11:26pm Me

But, YOU don't do it- God TRANSFORMS your heart, seriously!

If YOU try to do it, then you're still trying to be a good person and that won't cut it.

11:26pm Him

gotta take his route right

11:27pm Me

When you humble yourself and admit, God I am a law breaker, I have violated your law, I deserve hell, but I am sorry and repent from this and place my faith in Jesus Christ you will pass from death to life

11:27pm Him

which is where I need to be

11:28pm Me

D..., we aren't promised tomorrow and in the Bible, it says hell is "constant, CONSCIOUS torment for all eternity" I don't want to see you there.

11:29pm Him

I know I don’t want to be there

Here, I ask if he has a Bible. I believe that salvation from the Lord and that the Word is living and active and powerful enough to save. But, look at what he says when I asked if he understood what he was reading.

11:29pm Me

If Jesus is who he says he was, and the Bible is real,- this is what the Bible says will happen...please, please think about it...I don't want you there either!

Do you have a Bible?

11:30pm Me

got it at confirmation

11:30pm Me

Have you ever read it?

11:30pm Him

only passages here and there

11:30pm Me

Bet it didn't make much sense, huh?

Did you know that the Bible specifically says that, "It is foolishness to them that don't believe?"

11:31pm Him
wow that kind of hits home now that i think about it

11:31pm Me
That is because we are spiritually dead and it doesn't make sense until we humble ourselves, place our faith in
him and repent. When you humble yourself and admit that you have violated God's standard and you realize
the precarious situation you are in then when you repent and believe, the Holy Spirit comes in to your heart
and changes your desires

You will NOT have the same desire to do the things you once did but you WILL still be tempted however, he will give you the strength to resist and it says the devil WILL flee from you!

11:33pm Him
as long as he is by my side which i don't doubt he would be

11:34pm Me
Listen, read the book of John- it's the 4th book in the New Test. and then read Romans.
It's easy reading but if you repent and put your faith in Jesus, D... it WILL come alive and you won't be able
to put it down- I'm not kidding

11:35pm Him

I know ur not

11:35pm Me

It is so important, because, I believe Jesus is who he says he was, which means I believe the Bible and the Bible spells out exactly what will happen on Judgment day

Doesn't that concern you?

I know you said it does

So what are you going to do about it?

11:37pm Him

repenting is my only option

11:37pm Me

looks like :)

Find a quiet place and be honest with God

Here the fallacy of confirmation as a teen was addressed and you can see that to the unrepentant person, it makes no sense.

11:39pm Me

D..., God hates religion

Being confirmed as a baby or going through a class as a teen won't save you, you know that right?

11:40pm Him

oh i know that

11:40pm Me

The only thing God requires is faith, repentance, and obedience

11:40pm Him

getting confirmed in eighth grade made no sense to me

11:40pm Me

Then , dude, what were you trusting in?

11:40pm Him

It was a formality

11:41pm Me

Or had you never given it much thought before?

11:41pm Him

well that was part of it too

11:41pm Me

Yeah, God isn't a formality it is a totally transformational relationship!

11:42pm Him

im starting to see that

11:42pm Me

Now listen, I'm going to tell you something you may have never heard

11:43pm Him

all ears

11:43pm Me

When you place your faith in Jesus, some people say "Come to Jesus, You'll have love, joy, peace, etc"

Not true- in a sense

11:44pm Me

They try to say, "Come to Jesus because you will have love joy, and peace, and since sex drugs and rock n roll haven't worked" then they want to give this Jesus thing a try to see if they get a buzz

Well, you will have trials, difficulty, etc. just read the journey of Paul - you know the dude on the road to Damascus?

11:45pm Me

He was shipwrecked, beaten, imprisoned, etc.

11:45pm Him

saul to paul?

11:46pm Me

Yeah, that guy...HOWEVER, you will have joy unspeakable because you realize that you have ESCAPED hell as your future

You will be so grateful because of what the God has done for you

D..., why do you put on a parachute when you are in a plane?

11:48pm Him

cuz im an adrenaline junkie save myself

11:48pm Me

You goober! Is it to improve the comfort of your flight? (wearing it while in your seat?) or is it to save you from death since you know the jump is coming?

So many people are told, "Come to Jesus- he'll improve your life!" (here on earth)

11:49pm Him

are you doing that on purpose now? haha

11:49pm Me

What do you mean?

11:50pm Him

Come to Jesus


11:50pm Me


yes and no- come for the right reason

But, you come to Jesus because you have nowhere else to go and you know that you are guilty before God

11:53pm Me


D..., I really care about you and whether you knew it or not, I have been praying with you since we became "friends" on FB. You are in a tough job and you see death every day I want you to think about what we've talked about


11:54pm Him

of course especially coming from you

thanks for everything seriously, it means a lot that someone else is out there lookin out for me cuz i forget to a lot

11:56pm Me

don't put it off any longer...confess/ackowledge your sins because it brings understanding of what you're repenting of(you know you can't confess them all) put your faith in the what it says- it's that simple.

11:56pm Him

and its a plan i like organization

11:56pm Me

Remember, read John then skip on over to Romans- you're a smart guy

11:57pm Me

I've enjoyed talking to you! Please do it tonight. There's no magical formula...there's no such thing as a "canned" sinners prayer...just do it from the heart man.

11:58pm Him

i will jess def. thank you :)

11:58pm Me

I'll check back with you and seriously, if you have any questions, just ask. I'm here. I'm also praying for your safety too. Do you mind if I say a quick prayer for you?

11:59pm Him

thanks for everything

trust me any help is appreciated

11:59pm Me

Ok here goes

Lord, I thank you for this time that D... and I have had here tonight


12:00am Me

I know that YOU knew we would be able to talk and that you would use this time to awaken him to the serious state that he is in

Lord I pray that you would move on D...'s heart and that you would help him to see that Jesus Christ is his only hope

and that you lovingly provided this means of escape from the Judgment that is sure to come

Let D... flee to you and put his faith in you and walk in obedience. Amen.

12:01am Him

thank you jess so much

honestly...first e-prayer experience but it really means a lot to me

12:02am Me

No problem. My first too! LOL!

I will be praying for you. Seriously consider all we have talked about, OK?

12:02am Him

I will def.

I was so amazed that God would even allow such an opportunity to come into my life and that He would even consider using me. This conversation wasn't planned and it was totally the Holy Spirit and the prayer support He sent via my 3 other friends who were praying during that encounter. All total, there was a family of 11, 2 single women, and myself praying during the entire encounter. Pray God moves on his heart and that he takes seriously the "conversation" we had.