Monday, February 9, 2009

Jose' and Cane's

On Friday night my husband took me on a hot date. We went to Lowe's and rented an insulation blowing machine the size of a volkswagon beetle, got 5 bags of insulation and headed home to blow insulation into our attic. I thank the Lord everyday I don't drive a Prius. We had to leave all the carseats and kids at home just so we could cram the hose, insulation and blower in the car! On the way home, we decided to stop at Cane's and grab a quick bite to eat. I made my customary pitstop in the restroom to place some tracts and came back and sat down.

A young man named Jose' came out to check on the customers. He was very friendly stopped by our table and talked with us for awhile. We found out he was the manager. As we talked, he just had a demeanor that made me wonder if he was a Christian. I reached into my back pocket to hand him a tract, but before we could get that far, he got called away. The restaurant was packed.

For some reason, not one minute later, he came by our table and said, "Look at this, someone left this in the restroom" as he held up a million dollar bill! I thought, "Thanks Lord, what a great way to transition the conversation!" Apparently, a female employee cleaning the bathroom found it and gave it to him.

He noticed the one I had in my hand that I was about to give him a moment ago, and I said, "Yeah, I have one too. Do you know what it is?" He said, "No, I have no clue, but it looks like real money, you know?" I said, "It looks like it's got some writing on the back, what's it say?" He read it for a few seconds and said, "It looks like it has some Bible verses on it." I asked him, "So what do you think about it?" He said, "I think it's pretty cool, really."

I asked, "Are you a Christian?" He said he was. I said, "Jose if I had a knife in my back and 3 minutes to live, but I didn't know what I needed to do to be saved and I wanted to go to heaven what would you tell me?" He looked at me and said, "I would tell you to believe in God and that Jesus died on the Cross to save you from your sins. You don't need to be baptized to go to heaven (remember, in this scenario, I have a knife in my back and don't have time to be baptized) but you need to ask forgiveness."

I told him that it sounded like he had a pretty good grasp on the basics but I didn't hear anything about repentance. I explained to him that while we are going to sin and must ask forgiveness, we need to know the difference between asking forgiveness and repentance. I explained that a long time ago I used to believe that asking forgiveness and repentance were synonymous. They are not. I said repentance is a turning the opposite direction and is motivated out of love and gratitude for what Christ did on the cross that you are compelled to walk in obedience. You can't live a life of habitual sin and then just keep saying you're sorry for it.

He really listened and then told me that his dad was a preacher and that he heard these things growing up.

"So do you share your faith?" I asked. He said, "I try to share here with the people I work with, but I don't want to force anything on anyone, you know?" (I thought, "Aaaaaah!")

I shared with him that I used to feel the same way. Part of it was motivated by true ignorance of my obligation to share the Gospel and the other was I just didn't know how. There was also pride involved- what if they thought I was weird? I told him that if you are a true believer and you believe the Bible is true, then unbelievers will face God on Judgement Day and then be cast into hell. Compassion alone should motivate you to share your faith. He said he'd never thought of it that way.

Then he asked, "Hey, are you the one who put this (the million dollar bill) in the restroom?" I told him I was. He said he thought it was really one of the neatest things he'd seen and that he didn't have anything like it. I reached in my handbag and pulled out a pink and blue curved illusion tract. I showed it to him, and a big grin came across his face. He said that would be really great to use. I said, "It's goofproof because on the back it tells you which card to read first." I gave him some million dollar bills, a few pink and blue tracts, a "What if I'm pretending?" tract, and a "something to think about" tract and told him to use these to share his faith with his co-workers.

It was time for us to go. He walked back to the kitchen to pink and blue someone.

That was definitely one of the best dates I'd had in awhile!

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