Thursday, January 22, 2009

Train up a child in the way he should go...

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

This past week-end our oldest son who is 12 went to the next city to a train show. He has had a love of trains since he was a toddler and now over a decade later, still loves them. The show was set up in a rather large expedition hall. He had planned on attending this show for several months and was very excited. Our good friend drove him to the show because he too, is a fellow train enthusiast.

We really try to train our children to have a love for the Lord and to serve Him with passion. Our biggest fear is that we don't want any of our children to bumble along for several years into adulthood before they get a clue as to what their purpose in life is like we did. We are convinced that it is our responsibility to train them deliberately and diligently in all that the Lord requires of them. I can't say that we've always been successful, but we keep praying that the Lord guides us with the lives He's entrusted to us.

Our son has accompanied me on frequent fishing trips and really enjoys putting out Gospel tracts and has shared the Gospel a few times already. He is growing in grace and stature. He had some trains he wanted to sell but he also was excited about the opportunity to hand out tracts. I gave him a package of million dollar bills and he was stoked.

He saw many trains that day and managed to hand out the entire package of 100! I was thrilled that he was able to walk in obedience at such a young age. He even got our friend, who was rather reluctant, to hand one out. Perhaps his obedience in this one small area will encourage our friend to be deliberate about sharing the Gospel. There were several hundred people that day.

He said he dropped several on the ground and saw many pick them up and read them. One man in particular, was a vendor and noticed that our son had put some tables and in boxes for sale. After our son walked to another part of the expo, they walked back by and the man apparently had gone and gotten a tract from one of the boxes and was reading it! He just kept reading it.

I always tell the kids that when they hand out a tract, pray for the person that receives because that it is the Word of God that revives the soul.

He handed them to people, set them on displays, in boxes, in the restrooms, or wherever he could stuff them. God will reward the obedience of a 12 year old boy who has a purity of heart and understands decades before I ever did what it means to put Christ first in thought and action. I learn so much about obedience from my kids.

Encourage your kids to just hand out tracts if they don't know what to say. Hudson Taylor, one of the greatest missionaries ever to China, was soundly saved by reading a Gospel tract.


Karen said...

Good Job Hunter!! Proud of you!

Oreste said...

Hello Chipper, a kiss from Rome. Ciao