Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Partial Obedience is Disobedience

Sunday was a momentous occasion in our family. We went to the mall to get our 8 year old daughter's ears pierced. She has asked for about two years and we believed she was ready. The mall is on the other side of town but near our church. So the plan was to get her ears pierced and then go to church.

I got excited not only for her, but I knew that this particular mall has a lot of Jewish workers working the kiosks in the mall. Many are newly arrived from Israel. I went to my favorite free Jewish tracts website (http://www.stonesofzion.com/resources.html), printed some tracts off and was ready. Here is what they look like when you print them.

The plan was to pierce the ears and then look around a little before evening church. This would give us plenty of time to witness. Once we arrived, our plans changed because our daughter saw a 4 yr old who got hers pierced and when she started crying our daughter changed her mind. It was understandable. But, she had looked forward to it for such a long time.

We went to another part of the mall and dropped tracts and stuffed what remaining Christmas cash bills I had in all kinds of places. We saw a group of three men reading the tract that my son dropped. He was the most faithful that night as he placed all the tracts that were given out.

I guess I was distracted, but I just couldn't seem to gain the presence of mind to talk to the very people that I had wanted to talk to! One of them had even tried to sell me the Amazing Dead Sea Salt scrub on the way to getting her ears pierced and I told her I'd be back.

Aaaah! I chickened out. I never talked to her, but I talked to her co-worker last year. I was so disappointed with my lack of obedience. It may not be a big deal to others, but I know the mandate I've been given and I just felt like I didn't really do what I was supposed to.

However, I realized that I had looked at the wind and the waves of my circumstances, (time constraints, didn't want to be late, etc.) and let those influences what I should have done.

Now, before you think that I've beat myself up over something insignificant and that I should lighten up and get over it I want you do think and ask yourself this question: How many things do I dismiss as unimportant because they are little and not large? Do I respond to the work God gives me with integrity and complete obedience?

Whose definition of important are you using? See, what I've realized is that there are a whole lot of "little" things that I casually dismissed for so long in my life that I thought they were unimportant and that God didn't really notice. But, He does! I'm studying the life of Moses this year and I have learned so much about obedience and the lack thereof in that man's life that it has really caused me to look a little closer at my life and caused me to walk in obedience more closely.

Benefits of Obedience

  • Clear conscience
  • Joy
  • Unobstructed Fellowship
  • Safety from consequences of disobedience

By total obedience, even in little things, God give His glory, presence, and leadership to His obedient workers.

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