Monday, January 19, 2009

Order your Christmas Cash now!

Now is the time to order your Christmas Cash for next year! It's 25% off at Click on the bottom left on the sidebar under "Specials."

They also have Halloween Cash on sale too. Pick up a pack or two of those while you're at it. Why think of this when Christmas is 11 1/2 months away? Do you budget money for buying tracts each month? If not, do you have a membership to Netflix or Napster? Do you have a gym membership that you never or rarely use but pay for monthly? Do you get your nails done every few weeks at $20-$30 per session?

If you've never even considered budgeting for tracts each month, consider starting something new this year. There are all kinds of places you can make cuts in most budgets. If things are really tight, go in on some tracts with a friend and split the cost and cut down on shipping costs as well. We canceled our newspaper subscription and now get our news off the internet. We use the amount we used to pay for the newspaper as part of our monthly tract expenditures.

It's not a sin to watch movies, get your nails done, have a magazine subscription or anything else like that. God's not going to send you to hell because you didn't buy tracts. But, I do believe that if you stand before God on Judgement Day and He is looking over your life to give out reward, perhaps you might regret not having ever spent a single dime of the money He entrusted to you to spread the Gospel. We tend to reveal what is most abundant in our hearts by following the money trail of our checkbooks.

Until a few years ago, I'd never bought a single tract nor was it ever a thought in my mind. Truth be told, I thought tracts were worthless and a rather foolish waste of money until I understood obedience and realized what a wonderful asset a good tract can be. Now, purchasing tracts, is something we do with regularity and we wouldn't dream of going anywhere without tracts. Don't ever doubt the effectivenss of a tract coupled with your obedience. If you think, "Well, that's good for you, but I don't need to do that," watch the video below.

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Karen said...

That is a great video/story.. I have heard versions of that story from our pastor....Have you ordered your celebrity cash yet???