Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If it can happen to Hudson Taylor, it can happen to John Travolta

I'm sure you all have heard that John Travolta's 16 year old son, Jett, died in a tragic accident on 1/3/09 while vacationing with his family in the Bahamas. I couldn't help but think how sad I was knowing that he will never stare in the eyes of his son ever again or hold his hand this side of eternity. There were so many pictures in the media of the two holding hands, which to me, didn't mean that Jett was growing up to be a "sissy," but that he had a close, loving relationship with his dad. I know many young men that would have killed to have, what John and Jett appeared to have; a close, loving relationship with their fathers.

Many people also know that John is actively involved in the Church of Scientology, which is a cult. I don't know how people cope with the loss of a child unless they are a child of God. Then I remembered, nine months ago, he was given a million dollar bill gospel tract. Here is a short video of the encounter.

Pray that he didn't casually toss it aside, but that he actually read it or that he still has it and the Lord will cause him to find it now. Pray that the words will be brought to mind and that he humbles himself, confesses he's a sinner and repents and throws himself at the foot of a bloodstained cross. I do pray for his salvation. I also pray for comfort for his entire family during this time as they grieve over the loss of their son and brother. If you think this is foolish notion and that tracts are a waste of time or ineffective, they're not.

Don't ever discount the effectiveness of a tract. The missionary, Hudson Taylor's conversion is an amazing story. When he was 17 years of age he went into his father's library one afternoon in June, 1849 in search of a book to read. This was in a barn or warehouse adjacent to the house. Finally he picked up a gospel tract entitled, "It is Finished," and decided to read the story on the front. He came upon the expression, "The Finished work of Christ," Remembering the words, "It is Finished," he raised the question -- "What was finished?" The answers seemed to fall in place and he received Christ as his Saviour. biography compiled by Ed Reese

If Hudson Taylor can come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and became one of the most notable missionaries to China, then is it also possible that God could also use a tract put into the hands of John Travolta to bring him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

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Misty*Dawn said...

I too have been praying that he still has the tract and that God would use that to open the eyes of his blind heart and cause him to fall at the foot of the cross in true repentance!