Friday, January 30, 2009

Food, Flames, and Fellowship

Keep Kentucky in your prayers

Winter finally hit Kentucky! Before the snow came, we had almost 2 days of freezing rain. There are downed powerlines and trees everywhere. Last report said that 607,000 people are without power and the temperatures are dropping to about 7 F tonight. Shelters are maxed out, food pantries are almost empty and there is another storm coming next week. In Grayson, Ky 95% of the residents are without power and it may be more than a week before they can cut their way through the downed trees to get to them. Our roads are relatively clear, but if you don't have power you can't operate your business, have functioning traffic signals, or even live in your own home. Some people have been without since Tuesday and the power companies estimate another week or more in some areas. Seven schools do not have power in our city. During the ice storm of 2003, we were without power for 10 days but were fortunate enought to have a generator.

This road is one road you can take to get to our house. The branches are bent over touching the road and you don't want the roof of your car to touch a low hanging branch for fear that it will break off and crush your car.

This is a closeup of the tree in our backyard that has the kids' tire swing on it. In the bottom left hand side of the picture you see the tire on the ground. When the tree isn't bent from the weight of the ice, the bottom of the tire is normally 2 feet off of the ground!

This was a time lapse photo I took. It was pitch black outside except for a little light coming through the night sky and one lonely street light down the street. There is no snow on any of these trees- it's all ice.

This is the road approaching where we live. When the snow starts to melt will be the most dangerous time due to branches breaking and flooding. It will be a major concern for most of the state.

Aside from all of that, it is absolutely breathtaking. When the sun hits the trees and powerlines it is as if millions of brilliant diamonds are being lit up and the sight is truly unforgettable.

How does this tie in to evangelism? Well, now is the time to invite people over to stay with you if you have power and most of all HEAT. Call it "Food, Flames, and Fellowship," and minister to people in need. Check on your neighbors and make sure they are doing OK. This is the time to reach out and be Christ to those around you. Long after the snow melts, your neighbors will remember your act of kindness.

If they are unsaved, this may be a great way to share the Gospel with them. It doesn't have to just be non Christians, take care of the body of Christ and find out if there are families in your church that need help. In fact, we are having a soiree this evening with 3 families one of whom doesn't have power. Take advantage of these opportunities and don't whine about the inconvenience of a little cold and no electricity. Obviously, if you don't have electricity you can't do this, but invite someone over and get to know them. Make the most of it!

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Karen said...

We had this a few years ago and we were without power for 7 days! It was a long week playing "Little House on the Praire"

Have fun tonight with your neighbors:)

The pictures are really beautiful if only the ice wasn't so damaging.

Please pray for our family... my dad is in his last days and we are headed to AL.