Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Everyday Club- update

Well, how are you doing? Have you been handing out Gospel tracts? Have you been intentionally trying to engage people in conversation?

I've been trying to hand out tracts every day this month or engage people in conversation. The highlight of this month happened when I got to phone fish for Ambassador's Alliance Radio. That was really fun and it really stretched me. I had about twenty-five minutes to find someone. So, I prayed God would send me a fish in less than 20 minutes. He did it and two people got to hear the Gospel. One of the most difficult places to share the Gospel, in my opinion, is the South. So many people are Gospel hardened. They have heard it all before since they were in diapers and they don't believe it applies to them because they are basically good people who go to church.

I have handed out some tracts everyday so far. I have been to a Festival and handed out hundreds and then I went to Sam's Club today and handed out two. You want consistency not quantity. If you've never handed out a tract, try it. If you can't muster up the courage, try stuffing them in magazines or books at stores you visit.

I look forward to the new year. I have had a lot of growth through a most difficult situation. I believe it has changed how I view situations and people and hope that it will help me to continue to never quit. Looking forward to the New Year, I hope to be more consistent about sharing my experiences in hope that it will encourage you to share your faith.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Everyday Club

One of the best ways to be consistent about sharing your faith is handing out Gospel tracts- they always know what to say and never get tongue-tied. I joined Steve Sanchez's everyday club earlier this year. Click here if you want to check out his blog: http://stonethepreacher.com/category/everyday-club. The goal is not to engage in sanctimonious, pharisetical tally marks. It's just to be used to help you stay actively committed to sharing the Gospel.

Well, I made it to December and while I know I've been more obedient this year and shared my faith consistently and biblically, I have never had a month that I handed out a tract EVERY single day. There are just days I don't leave the house. I work from home and don't always need to go out. God, isn't going to strike me dead if I don't. It's a condition of the heart. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could engage in conversations about Christ and if I could hand out a Gospel tract EVERY day.

So, this month I promised I would get in my car every day and go somewhere, anywhere and hand out tracts. I also wanted to challenge myself to try to hand out tracts everyday since I had never done that before.

So, here it is the 15th of December and I'm 100%! I have handed out a tract at least every day and when possible, I try to engage in conversation. Pray that I am able to meet my goal and not miss a single day. I'm still thinking about where to go on Christmas Day since almost everything will be closed. But, there is a truck stop on the interstate about 15 miles from here. So, if I have to I'll go there. You know, it says we should take the Gospel to the highways and the biways... :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Called Christmas

Just thought I'd share a humorous reminder of what the Christmas season is all about.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Origin into Schools Project- the video

Here is a video account of our experience distributing Darwin's "Origin of Species" book on the campus of the University of Kentucky.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Origin Project- It was a success!

On November 18, 2009, I was privileged to be a part of the "Origin into Schools Project" on the campus of University of Kentucky. I was on team 2 which was comprised of 15 people. We were on central campus and and our team was given 432 books to distribute. We were in place a few minutes before the class change began. We distributed all of our books in under 15 minutes. It had been raining all morning. We prayed that it would stop. It reduced to a drizzle and then stopped altogether!

Here's a small sample of the crowds we encountered. Many would just stop and read right there.

Here's Theo and Bis handing out copies just as fast as people were coming up the main thoroughfare. No one ripped out the 50 page introduction proclaiming the Gospel. We only found three in the garbage cans. We pulled them out, dried them off and handed them out.

Here's Kaitlyn handing out her copies. This is actually a few minutes before class let out and the crowds really began en masse.

What I love most about this picture is the fact that the rain stopped! It started up again at the very end but the other teams only had a few boxes left. All 1000 copies were distributed in less than 30 minutes and less than 5% of the people we handed them to rejected them.

Bill handed out this stack of 10 in less than 2 minutes and was back for more. We were positioned near the Department of Anthropology, the Natural Science building and the main lecture building, White Hall. In all, we experienced very little opposition. Only one atheist engaged someone in our group and conceded that yes, in a country where thinking and speech are free, we should be allowed to hand them out.

Here is the group photo for our team. We had Carrie, Elizabeth, Katie, Michael, Bill, Theo, Kaitlyn, Bis, Hannah, Kirsten, Jonathan, Christian, Hunter, Misty, and me handing them out.

This is a picture of the group in front of the Department of Anthropology. Only Kaitlyn and her boys are missing because they had an appointment elsewhere. On a side note, Misty and her family drove 1 1/2 hours from Eastern Kentucky to participate and Brian and his team drove 1 1/2 hours from Western Kentucky to participate. Way to go! It was a privilege to serve together today!

We handed some giant money tracts and other types of tracts to individuals as we left campus. We estimated we handed out 150 tracts while exiting campus. These two individuals just stood there reading the tract for the longest time.

After it was all over, someone called from the Kentucky Kernal, the campus newspaper, wanting more information about what we were doing and why. I directed her to http://www.livingwaters.com/ where she could find out more information. If you would like to read the 50 page introduction that Ray wrote or would like more information on the Origin into Schools project please visit Living Waters' website where you can find more information and read the pdf file for free.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A sister shares on the street corner

My friend Diane Lytle shared the Gospel on the street corner adjacent to a fall festival. Listen to her voice- she is kind, and concerned. She isn't foaming at the mouth and screaming at people. Observe the people at 2:09 into the video as the camera pans. Do these people look angry? How many people do you think heard that Gospel message that day? How many of those people do you think will be in heaven because of the seed she planted? Watch the video and consider what she says and how she says it?

Not everyone has to preach from a street corner, but are you at least sharing the Gospel with those around you whenever you have the opportunity? I have to confess, I still do not take advantage of every opportunity. I don't know why I sometimes avoid situation where I know the Gospel needs to be proclaimed. Diane encourages me to consistently share the Gospel and to not worry about what others think because if I do that then I am more concerned about my comfort than their souls. God, forbid!

At the very least, buy some tracts and hand them out to people or leave them wherever you go- restaurants, shopping malls, parking lots, etc. Halloween is coming up. Buy some tracts to place in the bags of the children coming for candy. Surely, you can do that. Just give it a try.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Encouragement to share the Gospel

Paul Latour just simply stood on a street corner with a cross that asked, "Are you ready?" He was able to share with two teen boys who aked, "Ready for what?"

Evangelism doesn't have to be fancy, but you actually have to do it. Was his method offensive to you? It didn't seem to offend those who saw him over the hour he stood there. Try it. Be encouraged. Be faithful.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Origin into Schools Project

Please join me for a project that is sure to have an incredible impact on this entire nation. On November 22, 2009 the world will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's publication of the book "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life," more often referred to as "Origin of the Species." Living Waters publications will be publishing and distributing thousands of copies of the book free on our campuses across America on November 19th. Please watch the video below for more details.

After watching the video, if you would like to be involved with the effort to distribute them at the University of Kentucky, please e-mail me at chipperfisher@gmail.com for more details.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Encouragement to all moms!

In a day and time when women are told that there is no worth or value in being "just" a mom, take heart. There is a great call on our lives to raise Godly children. This is not to say that women should never work outside the home- even the Proverbs 31 woman was a woman of business. Your influence may be some children's only experience with anything resembling God is when their lives are touched by a Godly woman in their school, civic oraganization or sports team. However, if you are not in the workforce and staying home to raise your children, never let anyone frustrate you or make you feel inferior for obeying the clear calling you have on your life during this season of raising Godly children to serve Him!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our son made his public profession of faith!

On October 4, 2009, our youngest son made his public profession of faith! He had shared with us a month or so ago that he had prayed and asked the Lord to forgive his sins and make him a child of God. We had no idea that he would make a public profession on Sunday. We've never pushed him because we truly believe Salvation belongs to the Lord. We also don't want a false convert- one who goes forward either because of pressure or to please someone else only to fall away when they get older. So when he whispered to my husband that he wanted to go forward we were pleased but surprised.

This is our pastor asking him to tell the congregation that he is a believer and has believed that Jesus has taken his sins away and granted him eternal life.

Our pastor prayed with him and our entire family after he made his profession. It was truly a beautiful day! We will make arrangements for him to be baptized in the future, as we are currently meeting in a school.

We have seen much evidence of true conversion in him. We normally don't tell people we meet that he came to our family through the gift of adoption. But, I believe it is important to share his story so that you can fully appreciate where he began.

We first met him in December of 2005 in an orphanage in rural Russia. He was a tiny 8 year old boy with an infectious smile. When he came home in April 2006 as our forever son, we began explaining to him the reality of God. He had never heard of Jesus and had no knowledge of the typical stories most children do. No songs about Zaccheus being a wee little man or Father Abraham having many sons. In fact, he had never heard of Jesus, Noah, Adam, Moses or any of the people in the Bible that most children in America are acquainted with from a young age. He just had an intense longing to have a question that had been burning in his mind while in Russia answered: Where did all the people, trees, and animals come from?

He said he had asked people over in Russia, but no one knew the answer. In 2006, when he came home, we studied Romans. By the time we had gotten through the first few chapters he exclaimed, "It is God!" The light came on and he has studied the Bible diligently ever since.

We have studied Romans, the life of Moses by studying Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, the life of Jesus by studying Matthew, and this year we are studying the book of John. He reads his Bible every day for about an hour and has for sometime. He reads about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before bed and will read the entire Bible 1 1/2 times this year on his reading program. He doesn't read under compulsion but because he genuinely desires to see what happened next.

We see fruit in his life as he looks for ways to be a servant to his family. We so infrequently have to discipline him. He is eager to take on responsibility and a joy to be around.

Our lives are blessed beyond measure and it is an honor and privilege I do not deserve. My life is better having had the privilege of having him as my son. We love you son and are thrilled and pleased that God has answered our prayers over the past four years for your salvation. To God be the Glory!

Fishing this Saturday 10/10

If you are in the Central Kentucky area and would like to join a group of us on Saturday, e-mail me at chipperfisher@gmail.com or check out the calendar for details. We are going to a Hispanic Festival that begins at 11:00 am. Come join us!

Tracting Hotels

In the past, when I stayed in a hotel I would leave a tract or two around the room. This last time I stayed in a hotel room I wondered just how many tracts I could place around the room. Did you know you can unload a pack of 100 in minutes? Stick them under the cushions of furniture.

Tuck several in the literature they give to you about the hotel, attractions, and dining.

Of course, there's always the nightstand. We didn't see a Gideon Bible in the room so at least there was a tract.

Someone is going to get a surprise when they turn on the air unit in the room!

I like tucking things underneath other items so you can barely see the edge of the bill.

You can tuck them in the valance and draperies in the room. If God wants them to find it He'll guide their eyes.

I took advantage of the cabinetry and the microwave in the room as well.

There were plenty of places in the bathroom too. I laid a few out in the open for housekeeping to find. After I was done, I earnestly prayed that God would guide the individuals to find these and that the seed would be planted.

If you have still never shared your faith or if you are working up the courage too, you can easily put tracts in the places you visit. Your faith and boldness will be strengthened by your obedience. Go ahead and try it if you haven't already. When you've placed the tracts, pray that God will cause people who need Him to find them and pray that He will increase your boldness and obedience to share the Gospel.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Calvin, Mike, and Gary...the rest of the story

Yesterday, I shared with you the story of Calvin, Mike, and Gary. I thought you'd like to know the rest of the story...

A few weeks ago, I'd contacted a friend to see if our daughters could get together to play. Since we live on opposite sides of town, about 30 minutes apart, we agreed upon a halfway point so she could pick up my daughter and take her to her house. We agreed that we'd meet at this grocery store in the parking lot. I had no intention of going in or doing any shopping. I only happened to be on this side of town because my son was taking a science course on Thursdays at a church down the street from this location. After his class was over, I was to meet them in the parking lot. Before I got there I got a call from a friend whose whole family had been battling either the flu or allergies for weeks. I thought, "I'm right here at the store and she lives so close I might as well pick up some medicine for her and the kids so she didn't have to go out." On my way out of the store that I never would have gone into had my friend not been ill nor had I not had to meet a friend for a playdate rendezvous, I met Calvin and Mike.

Knowing that I would need to pick up my daughter again, my friend and I had agreed a few days prior to pick up at the same place. From the time I had left the two gentlemen, my other 3 kids and I dropped the medicine off to my sick friend. We then went out for a quick bite to eat and headed home. I had several things that needed to be done before I had to drive back over to pick up my daughter.

Then it hit me- would those guys still be there later in the afternoon? If they were, I would be able to give them the books and materials! I prayed that God would let it be. When the time came for me to pick up my daughter 5 hours later, guess who was still standing in the same spot? Calvin and Mike!

I gave them the books before I picked up my daughter. I also handed them some curved illusion tracts and a few others. I explained that Way of the Master would teach them about the fallacy of the modern Gospel. Hell's Best Kept Secret had a study guide in it so that he could lead others and One Heartbeat Away was a book geared primarily to the unsaved but has excellent ways to share the Gospel with them and answers many questions. Calvin was thrilled to get his hands on them! He said he'd already handed out some tracts since I'd seen him last!

As I was driving away, Calvin was already engrossed in the book! When I think back about all the things that God orchestrated I know that everything is for His Glory. Remember, Calvin and Mike live in another state several hours away. Who knew that God would bring them to a different state so that I would run into them at a store in which I never shop on a side of town that I am rarely on so that these eager men would learn to share the Gospel in a Biblical manner? I know I don't truly know them, but I have never seen anyone who was not a Christian ever so thrilled by our conversation, amazed to see resources available (like tracts) that they were unaware of and eager to share the Gospel as these two men. What a blessed day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Calvin, Mike, and Gary

I was running into a grocery store today to pick up some medicine for a friend. On my way out, I was asked by these gentleman if I would like to donate to support a ministry that helped men stay off the streets and stay clean and sober. Meet Calvin and Mike. Calvin is on the left and Mike is on the right.

I asked if they were Christians. They emphatically and enthusiastically answered, "Yes." They had their Bibles on the table and I could see that they had gotten some use as they were worn and marked up. But, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I asked, "Do you share your faith?" Calvin said he did and said he often goes and shares on the streets and shares wherever he goes. I was intrigued. I asked, "When you share the Gospel with people, what do you tell them?" He said that he would tell them that they needed to give their lives to Jesus so they would have a better life. I said, "So you might tell them to come to Jesus because they will have love, joy, peace...right?" He said, "Yes, exactly."

I began by asking if I could share something with them to which they replied, "Sure." I told them that years ago, whenever I wasn't a chicken and mustered up courage, I would share the Gospel by enticing people with all the good stuff of Christ by sharing with others the same way they were sharing until I found out that I was only giving them half the story. They were all ears. So I asked them, "If you could travel back in time to September 10, 2001 and talk to all the people who were going to die in the twin towers on September 11th, could you still preach the same message that they were going to have lives filled with love, joy, and peace?" They said, "I see what you're saying. No, you really couldn't say that could you."

I began with a scenario I thought they could relate to. I said pretend that you go to the doctor for a check-up and then as you were leaving the doctor casually mentions he had some medicine he wanted you to take and said nothing more. You take the medicine and quite frankly, it tastes bitter. You think, "I was feeling fine to begin with so I probably don't need to take this anymore. Besides, I hate the bitter aftertaste." You go to the doctor sometime later and he asks if you are still taking the medicine that he prescribed from your last visit. You tell the doctor that you didn't really like how it tasted and thought you didn't need it because you were feeling fine. When the doctor describes to you that you had 10 clear symptoms that he noticed from your last visit you begin to get concerned. He then tells you that the medicine he gave you was the cure and without it you will die. You're horrified as you realize what you've done!

I asked them if this made sense to them. They said it really did as I explained that when we give people the cure without convincing them that they are ill they are not as likely to follow through with the cure. What we need is contained in the Word of God and sometimes what the Word reveals is a bitter pill to swallow.

So, I took them through the law and after they admitted they were lying thieving, blasphemous, adulterers at heart I took them before the bench of Eternal Justice. I had them stand before God, and they saw that the law didn't help them but left them helpless before a holy and just God.

They really understood and I then asked them if they had been told to not use the law nor mention hell or judgment when sharing their faith because it would be offensive to the listener.

Calvin said, "This absolutely is what I've been taught, but what you're saying makes more sense. I'm seeing that when you tell someone in the manner that you do it's just not offensive." I said, "That's right! Because again, the patient is never going to listen or want the cure if they are never convinced they are ill."

I went back to the courtroom before God the judge and gave them some different scenarios to consider. I asked Mike and Calvin what they think would happen if I were standing before a judge on murder charges, but before he passed sentence I told the judge, "Judge, I know you're a good judge and I want to let you know that before I got here this morning I washed and detailed your car and even armorall on the tires. I'm sure you'll take this into consideration before passing sentence and I'm sure you'll let me go." They said there was no judge in the land that would let you go if you did that. I agreed and told them in fact, what I was doing was bribing the judge and that is what we do when we try to say we hope our good works will get us into heaven.

Calvin stopped me and asked, "Are you a teacher? Do you teach this to people? You ought to teach this to people. How can I find out how to do what you're doing? I have so many people that I need to share this with and teach them!" I gave them my website and told them that if they e-mailed me their address I would mail them several books and resources. I found out that they are from Colombus, Ohio several hours North of where I live. He was very familiar with the Word and as I brought out different scriptures the light was coming on and they were more excited.

The more I shared I would pause and ask if what I was telling them made sense. They agreed enthusiastically and we continued. So, I told them that when sharing with people who say they are going to use their good works to get into heaven, all they are doing is trying to bribe God. I said your good works come from a grateful heart that responds in obedience to the extravagant sacrifice that was offered on your behalf by God Himself through Jesus Christ His son but they are never used as the means by which you are granted eternal life.

I then reached into my wallet and gave them all the tracts I had and showed them how to use them. I gave them several million dollar bills and told them to just give them to someone simply by asking, "Did you get one of these?" I showed them that the entire Gospel message was on the back and that it was goof-proof because million dollar question was on the back. They grinned and were asking questions about how exactly do you do this to a complete stranger. At that moment, a man walked out of the store and donated something to their bucket and got a package of crackers and lingered. I looked at Calvin and whispered, "Try it." He grabbed a tract, gave it to me and said, "Here, you do it."


So I gave him a million dollar bill, told the gentleman it was part of the economic stimulus package, and answered that it was a Gospel tract when he asked. I asked if he were to die would he go to heaven. He said he didn't know but supposed that he should probably get saved before he dies. I introduced myself and he told me his name was Gary. I said Gary, "You don't know when you're going to die because you could be in your car going home and die in a wreck before you get saved. Doesn't that concern you?" He said it sure did. I took him through the law, the courtroom of Eternal Justice, and gave him grace. After I concluded, he said it was definitely something to think about, held onto the tract, thanked me and left.

I am certain that God sent that very man at that very moment to not only hear the Gospel but to show Calvin and Mike that people don't get angry when the Gospel is shared Biblically. I asked them, "Did he get angry at me? yell at me? spit in my face? curse me? beat me up?" They saw that when the Gospel is shared Biblically people are usually left speechless and contemplative.

We talked some more and I told them to give them law and then grace because sharing one without the other comes across as either harsh or produces false converts. Calvin truly understood and commented about the ones who didn't seem to finish the race because they got off the path. We talked about false conversion and worldy sorrow versus Godly sorrow. I had such a wonderful time with them. They were so enthusiastically receptive. I told them that I was going to go to my car and give them something.

On a side note...

I learned today to always make sure you have enough books! I was so frustrated that I didn't have any more WOTM books, but I cleaned out my tract stash in the center console. Besides tracts, make sure you check your stash of books and CD's before you leave home!

I had my son walk over with me as I gave them a bag of tracts and take a picture of us. Calvin asked if I had a ministry because he'd like to support it. I laughed as I told him no because I have never had anyone say that before. He asked if I would pray with them before I left. We prayed right then and there and then I left.

I wanted so badly to get those books into their hands. If only there was a way...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lesson Learned

Many of you may not know that this year has been extremely difficult for our family. The difficulties that we have experienced have not been of our doing. However, through it we have learned some really valuable lessons with regard to how we respond while in the midst of a prolonged continual trial.

It's so easy to have a difficulty arise and say you've given it to the Lord to handle and then look back once you've been through it and say, "Ah, I trusted the Lord and He got me through it." It is something entirely different when there is something that is thrust upon you, that you had no part in and in spite of efforts towards resolution and reconciliation, it only intensifies and keeps going.

What do you do? I learned many years ago when I was facing difficulty running, not walking, to the Psalms and reading them or singing praises to the Lord really helps refocus my thoughts and emotions. However, I have recently added something that I will do in addition to reading, praying and singing to the Lord. I believe another way to help us stay deliberately focused on CHRIST and not focused on our problem or difficulty is to go share the Gospel. Before you think, that is a really whacked out response or that I am disconnected from reality or trying to be "super spiritual" I'm not. It's just that the reality of what I claim was not consistent with what I believed. If I cower from a situation because I fear then I am allowing the fear to rule the situation and govern my actions.

Our family (my husband and children and myself) have experienced a situation that has caused us to be fearful for our lives. But, I have realized that I loved my life more than I ought. What happens if, for example, a gunman were to walk in and mow us down at a school, university, or gym? We get promoted, right? Why do I fear man (or woman) in this way? I shouldn't. It has caused me to understand more what is said in Mark 8:34-38,

34Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 35For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it. 36What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? 37Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? 38If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father's glory with the holy angels."

Particularly, v.35 stands out to me.
For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.

In an effort of self-preservation I have avoided facing a difficult situation. I have allowed fear of death to prevent me from pushing through circumstances that may or may not result in this. I was listening to Mark Cahill address a group of college students about the Virginia Tech shootings that had happened. He challenged them by asking, "If the Virginia Tech shooter were to walk in this room right now, what would you do?" Most people would want to hit the ground. He challenged the students with the thought, "What if you could stop the gunman either by addressing him by name (as was the case with the boy who confronted Michael Carneal in the Paducah, Kentucky shootings) or would you and a group of men ambush the attacker while he reloaded instead of preserving your own life, knowing that you may die trying?"

He wasn't talking about stupidity that would run right into the cross-fire and take a bullet nor was he talking about placing yourself in harm's way for the sake of placing yourself in danger. That is foolishness of the highest degree. However, the deeper truth he was trying to convey was this: Do you value your life so much that you spend the majority of your life and allow the decisions you make to benefit you with the goal of preserving the life you have now, this side of eternity? Think about it for a moment. What are you doing in your life that is causing you to cling to THIS life you have now? My best life is not nor ever will be now! My best life is going to be on the other side of eternity. While I have known this I don't believe that I have ever understood the depth of this truth until my own life has been dredged this past year.

When experiencing a trial there is always collateral damage. There are unintended consequences to your life or things you suffer as a result of the difficulty. Today, I had that Helen-Keller-at-the-water-well experience as I understood that I have got to get out of "life preservation mode" and make certain that my focus and objective are not obscured by circumstance. I shared the Gospel today with two brothers in Christ who, while trying to walk in obedience, were only giving part of the Gospel. I have been sharing the Gospel this past year, but I also have allowed my problem to make me more lazy and less inclined to be obedient. I also have avoided the problem for fear of what the outcome may be.

Obviously, because I haven't revealed the details of our difficulty it seems somewhat enigmatic. Suffice it to say, I finally learned the lesson today that despite the trial or fear you believe you may feel as a result of it, God has never called us to be obedient whenever things are going our way or easy for us. I've known that on some level but never comprehended it at the depth I did today.

In a deliberate effort to establish habits that are God-honoring I will probably start sharing the Gospel when I am experiencing extreme difficulty, or saddened, or fearful. That is the one sure cure for making certain that I maintain my laserbeam-like focus on being obedient to the Lord no matter what. Lesson learned.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

World's Worst Sermon Ever

Please, don't ever do this. Please, don't. Unfortunately, this guy doesn't even know what he is talking about, but it is a good laugh.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halloween Tracts

Now is the time to order your Halloween tracts! Then, in November, check back because most tract sites will put them on sale so you can stock up for next year. While your at it, you might want to order your Christmas Cash as well. http://www.customtractsource.com/ has some "Creepy Cash" tracts to hand out during this season. www.livingwaters.com also has seasonal tracts.

Here are some ideas for handing out tracts during October:

  • Fall Festivals
  • Public Haunted Houses (Usually a civic group sponsors these)
  • See if your city has a Halloween Express which is a temporary costume store and hand them out to people entering and leaving the store.
  • Check your city's calendar of events and see if there are any re-enactments of Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Our city has re enacted "Thriller" for the last few years.
  • Then, of course, everyone is thrilled to get these tracts during the Halloween season.
  • Goto churches and hand them out if they are hosting a Trunk or Treat alternative to typical trick or treating.
  • Hand them out with the candy to little trick or treaters. People DO read them because we watched several people stop in the middle of the street and read them to the end.
  • Give some to your bank teller. My bank actually like my seasonal tracts. Only a moron would try use a bill with Frankenstein on it for cash.
  • Parades your city or town may have. Hand them out up an down the parade route.

I'm sure you can think of several more places to hand them out but just be diligent and DO IT!
This is one of the easiest times to talk about Christ because images of death are all around. If you want to see some experiences I had last year, check out these posts. I posted a 5 part series on the Little Five Points area of Atlanta. Here is the link to part 1. http://chipperfisher.blogspot.com/2008/10/little-five-points-welcome-to-hell.html

Also, another thing you can do is print out some cards yourself from www.deathbeth.com. After you go to the website, click on the button "Tell someone else" on the 2nd page and print some cards to hand out.

You have about 45 days so get some tracts, get ready, and just do it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pre-game tracting

Now that football season is upon us, there are thousands of people across the nation that are paying homage to their particular football team every Saturday. One of the things that is obvious is going and handing out tracts to the tailgaters that are involved in pre-game activities.

If you have a major university near you, consider handing out tracts there or getting a team together to go actively hit the crowds that are sure to be there. One thing to consider, if you have tickets to the game, you really should get there 2-4 hours in advance NOT to get a good spot, but to witness. Be bold! If you are just going for the game and nothing else, you really aren't being faithful to the Gospel or obedient to the call that we each have on our lives.

An idea that I just got had to do with the day before the game. Go to your local grocery store or major liquor retailer in your area and stuff tracts in the beer boxes the day before or evening before the game. There is always a rush on alcohol purchases right before a game. When I do regular grocery shopping, I usually cram tracts in the beer aisle or let the kids do it but I have never thought to make a concerted effort to target the beer aisle or liquor stores right before a game. I'm sure many others have already figured this out a long time ago, but since I'm not a big sports fan, I never really made the connection.

I believe this would be an excellent way to begin sharing the Gospel if you are new, still trying to work up courage to be bold or just wanting to walk in further obedience. So get a game schedule of the days that your particular University is playing and cram tons of tracts in these boxes. Can you just imagine the conversation that may result from someone getting the box you put a tract in and they bring it to a tailgating party? Could it cause them to think about their spiritual future? God will use anything he chooses to bring a sinner to repentance for His glory.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Heading for Deeper!

Postings have been sparse lately due to school starting again and other things like taxes and a consignment sale I participated in. But after the Deeper conference, things return to normal. I want to share photos and the experience we had at the Winchester Pioneer Days Festival last week-end and several other experience. I should be getting these up within the next week or so.

We're heading for the Deeper conference as we speak! (www.deeperconference.com) This is coming to you from I-75- I love mobile broad band. :) We will be there in about 30 minutes.

Keep everyone in your prayers as we will be heading out after the last session to downtown Atlanta for some evangelism with "The 500."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Former Muslim girl fears for her life

Is this the peace loving religion that we've been told is Islam? Even if this girl was just making up a wild tale the fact remains, she and many others around the world know that "honor" killings are real and do happen in the name of Islam's Allah and no other religion. It would be suspsect if this girl had a boyfriend that she ran away to Florida to be with however, she is currently living with an adult couple and claims rather emphatically that all she wants to do is worship Jesus.

Pray that the judge deciding this case right now is given wisdom and that if what this girl is asserting is even a remote possibility, that he do everything within his power to protect her life.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sharia law in the U.S.?

Amazingly, on U.S. soil Muslims who were at a public festival on a public street decided that U.S. citizens were not entitled to the freedoms we have here in the U.S. that are protected by the U.S. Consitution, U.S. Courts, and U.S. law. This is a fine example of the "peaceloving" nature of Muslims who adhere to Sharia law. What were they afraid of? the truth?

Here's a video response from the gentleman in the video further clarifying what happened. Keep these brothers who are contending for the faith in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What if God graded on a curve?

I've been thinking a lot about having Biblical responses to some of the opposition and excuses I hear people give as to why they will not submit to Christ and become a Christian. The response I hear most often is by those who admit they believe in God and a judgment day but when asked, "How are you going to get to heaven?" often respond by saying, "He will take into account how good I was to people."

He will take into account your actions but they will not save you, they will only condemn you. What these people don't understand is that they are asserting that God somehow grades on a curve and that His acceptance and love increase by the more things you do to earn favor. To hold this view means that His love and acceptance must also decrease as you do things that are not favorable.

I have thought of an analogy that I would like to use the next time I am doing a 1-on-1 with someone who believes that there is a participatory aspect in the saving of themselves. There is a huge difference between "saving works" and "works of obedience during sanctification." The first one is heretical- there are no works that can save you. However, if your life is NOT marked by works of obedience in keeping with repentance you need to reexamine your life and find out where the disconnect is.

Adoption is a very special relationship to me. We have experienced the gift of adoption in our own lives. How offensive it would be if we told an adopted child, "Well, I know you're adopted, but you're never really going to have the same love as the others get from me. In fact, you will need to work harder to earn my love. I will let you know at the end of your life whether you measured up or not and that will determine your inheritance."?

That would be terribly offensive yet that is the way many people appear to approach their salvation. In Galatians 4:1-7 and I Peter 1:3-5 God speaks plainly about our status in His family. We are adopted and have all rights and privileges as the biological child to be known by name as a member of God's family. There is no favoritism given to those whom God adopts as His own. For if there were favoritism that would be evil.

Could you imagine if I were to tell my children, I'm going to love this one more than that one and I'm going to keep score based on how well or how poorly they perform? If I told my kids that I will love them according to how well they have scored and in the end that will determine their inheritance...how wicked that would be!

Yet, this is EXACTLY what those who say, "God will let me into heaven because I am a good person" or "God will let me in based on how well I treated others" are asserting. If God were this way they are saying God is evil and wicked because He plays favorites and His love is fickle. If we as a society agree that a parent that plays favorites is despicable how much more so would it be to assert that God is anything like that? This is evil and wicked to the core!

So how am I going to incorporate this into my witnessing? I will give a hypothetical illustration using my own children. I will say if I have 4 children and I tell each of them that I am going to love them based on a set of checks and minuses that I will give to them based upon their behavior and one day there is going to be a day when I settle the accounts of each of them which results in them being given an inheritance based upon how well they performed, how fair is that? Is that loving?

It will be easy to explain to them their belief that their personal righteousness will somehow earn God's love, portrays God as an evil parent who is going to give a child love and reward inheritance based upon the child's personal performance. No loving parent would ever do that and neither does God.

I have a witnessing opportunity coming up in less than 2 weeks and I'm going to try this out. If you try this, leave a comment and tell me how it worked.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't let language barriers stop you

We had some excitement this morning. The city arborist had determined a few weeks ago that a tree in the green space behind our home was dying from the inside out and needed to come down as it posed a danger since it was so large. Today a tree service arrived to remove the tree.

As they were setting up we saw the men removing the tree were Hispanic. After the tree was down, they men took a break. This was the perfect time to try to give them the message of the Gospel. My son and husband went over and and gave them this tract, a Jones Soda (yum!), and an invitation to the Hispanic church that we helped with their community outreach in May.

I would encourage you, keep some Hispanic tracts on hand. I got these from Living Waters and I love them! It gives the entire Gospel message in Spanish and who is going to turn it down when you are giving an ice cold drink?!
Sorry the trees are in the way, but these are the first two guys they were able to give drinks and tracts to. My son is walking over to hand a tract to the other guy.

Here is the man he gave the invitation to the church, a tract, as well as the drink. Here is a photo of the other gentleman. He actually stopped and read it for awhile!

I can't speak Spanish, but I really believe that the Holy Spirit can do the work that is needed in their hearts if they are unsaved. Try to keep tracts and maybe some water or soft drinks on hand for these opportunities that may arise. I am so glad that we had an affiliation with a Spanish speaking church just a few months earlier so that I had information to give to them. Pray that God presents opportunities for you to walk in obedience and also pray for the strength to ignore that voice inside pleading with you not to do this. Walk in obedience and you'll never regret it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EVERY life is precious

Is God not powerful enough to reveal himself through the life of a little boy who has never said a word? Please consider your words carefully before you say, "It's just a choice."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Found a great open air shirt

My oldest son and I decided to check out a new Goodwill store that opened close to our home today. They had some really great t-shirts and he was fortunate enough to find his first open air shirt!
I had never thought to look for an open air shirt at Goodwill but it really had many promising possibilities. Here are the ones that were contenders. This is the first one. I loved it! He said, "Uh mom, it's got pink on it! No way!" Oops. OK, we'll skip that one.

This one was quite catchy since the top of it says, "Life Safety 101: Hear a fire alarm?" The girl is asking if they should leave the dorm and the guy is telling her that it's safe and that it's only a false alarm. We almost got this but the other side had something about the fire marshall on the other side and it was also quite busy looking.

With this one, we thought that since neither grandfather is a green beret it might lead to misunderstanding so it would be best if we left it at Goodwill. But, it was catchy.

Getting closer- It says, "Authentic Worship." On the back is the name of some church's youth group and their website. Since we're not a part of that church or youth group, we declined.

And the winner is...

WARNING: Do not play video games on the Freeway! It is perfect! He can't wait to try it out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grill 'n Chill at the Park

On Friday, July 17th, our church went to a park for a cookout. We have these get-togethers that are affectionately known as "Grill 'n Chill." We also hoped to share the Gospel with people in the park. Some guys were playing basketball earlier and when they walked by we offered them some food and something to drink. They were such sweet young men. We handed them an Obama Million and they loved them! In fact, they each asked for more until I'd given all I had in my hands to them. Like Spurgeon said, "...get good, striking tracts or none at all..."

I don't know if it gets any easier when you share the Gospel. I still get a lump in my throat, my mouth goes dry, and I have weird thought or two run through my head like, "They're going to think you're an idiot" every time I open my mouth. I truly get nervous every time. Don't let that stop you. (To my friend Shannon: You can do it girl! You're hubby brought home an Obama Million. Now be like Nike and "Just do it!") My son was standing next to me and began sharing with one half of the group while they loaded up on some rather tasty food. I talked with the other half of the group and we had a really engaging conversation.

Here's a shout out (from left to right) to LaQuan, Alex, Marcus, Cory, and Adrian!

I spent most of my time talking with Marcus and LaQuan. I asked them the million dollar question and then asked them if they thought Michael Jackson thought that his last day would have been just a few weeks ago? They said probably not. I told them, likewise they didn't know when their last day was going to be and there isn't a 2nd chance once you die.

Marcus (front row with black shorts and white t-shirt) admitted that he lies- a lot. He says he just can't stop. I shared with him that I knew of a man who used to visit his grandfather when he was younger. One time, his grandpa let him have all the black licorice he could eat. That night, his stomach revolted. He got so sick he was throwing up black licorice for hours- out his nose, his mouth- it was disgusting. He said to this day if he even hears of black licorice a shiver runs up his spine. He can't see a package of it, smell it, let alone taste it because it is so revolting to him. I told Marcus THAT is how you need to be with your sin, especially lying. You need to be revolted by it so much that the thought of it repulses you. Furthermore, I explained that until you have a new relationship with sin all you've done is just gotten a little exercise (if you walked the aisle) and gotten wet (if you were baptized) but have no new attitude or relationship with your sin. There has to be a change that is not sustained by your own self-will. It flows from a grateful heart enabled by the Holy Spirit that realizes that you were guilty, couldn't pay the fine, and were freed! You respond out of gratitude not obligation.

I asked them how they would feel if they were standing before a judge and it had been established they were guilty of breaking the law and at the last second before they were sentenced someone they didn't know paid their fine. They agreed they would be grateful if they were freed by someone they didn't know who paid their fine. I asked Marcus again how he can hold on to lying or any other sin if he was so grateful for his fine being paid.

I asked if they were given the opportunity to see the president, would they take a brown lunch bag filled with hot, steamy dog poo as a gift for the president? They said, "No way!" I said, "Of course not! that would be offensive! If you believe that you are going to do good things to earn your way into heaven, you might as well have brought the same hypothetical dog-poo-in-a-bag present to God. Your good works, if used to get in to heaven are an offense. When they are a response out of gratitude for what God has done for us and you do them to glorify God, then that is a whole different matter.

They said they appreciated us talking with them and that it gave them a lot to think about. We met their physical needs and their spiritual needs that night. I pray that they would take seriously the conversation we had with them.

Here's the crazy shot. I had a blast talking with them! Guys, if you're reading this, think seriously about what we talked about. You never know when you're last day on earth will be. Don't "play" church. Get serious. Repent, believe, read your Bible and do what it says.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8 year old girl shares the Gospel

My youngest daughter went to day camp this week and tried her hand at sharing the Gospel. She had told me the day before that there was a little boy who lied to her about cheetos during lunchtime. Although I don't fully understand the cheeto incident, she talked with the little boy today and worked it into her Gospel sharing experience. She was also able to share with another little boy. However, there was a little girl she tried to share with that wanted nothing to do with it so she just moved on.

Encourage and equip your kids to share the Gospel. When they start young, sharing the Gospel will not feel so foreign to them. I had a desire to share the Gospel for many years but just didn't have the knowledge of how to use God's law. Unfortunately, I was in my 30's before I began to consistently share my faith. I don't want my kids to be ill-equipped or to hide behind excuses or to believe it is only the preacher's job. I want them to understand their obligation to share their faith and get lots of practice while they're young.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kids can share the Gospel too

After an eye opening week at day camp, my daughter sees the need to share the Gospel with kids her age. She understands that she has a mission field that isn't necessarily reachable by adults. We went to a picnic sponsored by our church on Friday night. We were trying to be out in the community and share the Gospel with whomever we ran into.

She showed this little girl several of the teen million dollar bills. After she picked one she began to share the Gospel. I particularly like these because on the back instead of asking if they have broken the 7th commandment (do not commit adultery), it asks if they have broken the 5th commandment which is honoring your father and mother. It is more appropriate for the younger crowd.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How pretty is your Bible?

You know, I was reading the latest issue of Voice of the Martyrs (July 2009) and I was struck by an article at the end of the magazine. It was about Narayan Gowda, a former radical Hindu who is now a fellow believer in Christ. He was holding Bibles in his hands that had been burned by attackers. Upon first glance though, I thought that this was a picture of his Bibles and noticed how tattered they looked. Eventhough I learned that these were pictures of Bibles that had been burnt, but I thought, "I wonder how many Christians' Bibles look like this from genuine hours of rich study of His Word?"

What does your Bible look like? Don't get me wrong I understand that there is not necessarily a correlation between the "look" of someone's Bible and their piety or spiritual maturity.

Something curious I've noticed is that they don't make Bibles the way the used to. Today, it takes very little actual use to get that worn look. How sad that many Christians don't even use their Bibles enough to KNOW that it is poorly made.

I believe the way to know the difference between the ones truly using their Bible and the ones who aren't could best be summed up by Charles Spurgeon who is reported to have said, "A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't."

Following is one of the best admonishments I've heard encouraging us specifically to persevere in scripture reading and Bible study. Watch it and ask yourself, "Are you not only persevering in your walk, but specifically in the study of the scriptures or do you just give the appearance that you are because you're too foolish to know that your cheap Bible is falling apart because you left it on the dashboard of your hot car which only gives the appearance of use?"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Drive-in evangelism and the agony of defeat

After a storm that could be categorized as a "Chicken-Drowner," the sky cleared, a rainbow appeared and we decided to enjoy our Friday evening. We shared the Gospel on Friday night where I'd never shared it before: the Drive-in Movie Theatre. There are still two drive-in movie theatres in the next county. So after the storm we headed out. We brought our tracts and after we got a place to park my son and I took off. We tracted all the bathroom stalls and dropped some wallets and then we went to have some one-on-one conversations.

We saw two young men standing near the concession stand who worked at the drive-in. The first guy we handed a million to wasn't too thrilled with the Obama Million. My son quickly said, "If you don't care for him, then you'll love this." Great come back, buddy. He reluctantly took it and so we asked if he'd ever given much thought to what happens when you die. He mumbled something, handed it to the man standing next to him and walked away.

I thought, "OK, he just didn't want to talk. We'll just talk with the next guy." We handed him a Celebrity Million and asked the same question. His name was Gerald. He said he didn't really know if he was going to heaven and wasn't too concerned. I said, "None of us know the day we're going to die. I mean, I'm sure that Michael Jackson didn't think the day he died would be his last day, you know?" He agreed. My son asked, "So do you think you're a pretty good person?" He said, "Oh yeah. I'm not that bad." I told him I used to think the same thing because I'd never been to prison so I couldn't be all that bad. He laughed. Then we started taking him through the law so he could see that his standard of goodness didn't matter and that we could get to grace.

He said he agreed and as I was talking a woman walked up and joined the conversation. It turns out it was his wife named Becky. Well, as she came up he fuzzed out and walked away. I thought, "Fine, maybe we can talk to her and we'll have a good conversation with her." I asked Becky if she thought she was going to heaven when she died. She said she hoped so. We went through the same scenario with her. I asked if she read her Bible every day and she said, "Not really, it's been awhile." So, I asked her, "Becky, if Gerald were to write you love letters to you would you just let them sit on the table unopened or would you want to find out what they said?"

The moment was pregnant with silence. Then she said, "I don't really know, maybe not." In my mind I started screaming, "Mayday! Mayday! " I said, "Are you serious?! You mean if your husband sent you letters professing his love for you you're not sure if you'd open them?" She kind of laughed and then said, "I guess." I'm thinking, "OK, either there are serious marital problems or she is dingy." We got past that and got to worldly sorrow versus true repentance. She seemed to have a true understanding of godly sorrow versus doing the same thing over and over again, but then it happened: a girl popped her head out the door of the concession stand and said, "Becky, could I see you in here for just a minute?" She said it with a smirk on her face and kind of laughed. Then we saw the first guy around the building and Gerald was next to the lady that called to Becky. Becky did not work for the theatre. She'd just been taken away as we were finishing but I know it was because they were trying to pull her away. It was abrupt and stopped. Just like that.

As we walked away the image of the skier going down the ski jump at the beginning of ABC's Wide World of Sports ran through my head as the famous words, "...and the agony of defeat." echoed through my mind. I shared the image with my son who had no clue what I was talking about since he wasn't alive when that image was played every Saturday in the '70's. Mental note: look up this video on Youtube and show him.

I have noticed that my witnessing encounters over the past few months have become more difficult. I still haven't shared my encounter with a teen at the Expo who was steeped in postmodern Darwinistic indoctrination who kept throwing out so many red herrings that I almost blew a neuron trying to keep up with what trail he was hopping down. I suppose that is what happens as you share the Gospel. I am assuming that God is gracious to let you start on the bunny slope and then after you get a little experience and have only fallen a few times He then takes you to the next slope. I know that you can't improve your witnessing abilities without experiencing a wide range of situations, but lately I've had some real corkers. I'm not concerned about if they think I'm a religious fanatic, but I just want to make sure that they really got the whole Gospel and that I wasn't a bonehead and said something incorrect or wasn't able to get the whole truth out.

I just prayed in my thoughts, "Well, Lord, at least the bathrooms have tracts all over them and they will all be gone by the time the evening is over."
We went back to where our car was parked and my son walked up to the carload which looked like a mom and 5-6 kids. It looked like she had hers and maybe some of her children's friends. At first I thought he was just standing there waiting for a response. What I couldn't see is that he was sharing the Gospel with one of the teen guys sitting on the tailgate. This was the BEST thing that happened the whole night. He went completely through the Gospel and then some of the kids asked for more millions. I was so thrilled for him. This was maybe the 3rd or 4th time that he has actually shared the Gospel start to finish with someone without help from another adult. I was so thankful that God allowed him to share with these kids. What an awesome night!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 5

We took a break and had some dinner. Rick, TJ, and my son all sat down and grabbed a bite to eat. After dinner we had the longest conversation with two ladies who happened to be sitting at the same table. It all started with a million dollar bill and a curved illusion tract.

Rebecca and Brittany

TJ began the conversation with a curved illusion which is always a great ice breaker. Rebecca is 15 and Brittany is 16.

Notice the hat that Brittany has on. The next picture is a closeup of the hat. It has a "one way" street sign motif with "Jesus" embroidered on the diagonal. Listen to the conversation. At the 3:14 mark she says, "Yes, she had blasphemed before she became a Christian. So she is acknowledging she is a Christian. At 11:15 in the conversation, TJ asks her point blank, "So if I were to ask you if you were a Christian, what would you say?" Brittany said, "Probably not." At 15:10 in the conversation, TJ asks her, "Is what I'm saying making sense? If you had to compare yourself to scripture how are you doing right now? Would you say, that in fact you have been born of him?" She said, "I have no idea what that means." By the end, she says that she is a new Christian that is just starting to hate sin. I explained you can't just "sorta" hate sin, it's all or nothing. All three of us, (Rick, TJ, and myself) talked with these ladies. It was very eye-opening.

Here is the audio of the conversation. If the playbar doesn't work, click on the link below.


Please keep these young ladies in your prayers. By the end of our conversation, Rebecca (on the left) and Brittany realized that they really had no clue what they believed or why they believed it when we explained to them what the Bible said. They were both really appreciative of the time we spent and thanked us for explaining so many things to them. Rebecca said she wasn't even a Christian but was there to hear the music. TJ gave them a recording of Paul Washer, and also two DVD's. Pray that they actually listened to or watched them together and shared what they learned with their youth leader.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ichthus Festival - pt. 4

Nick & Jeremiah
This is Nick and Jeremiah. I handed them a Million Dollar bill and asked them where they thought they'd spend eternity. Jeremiah, the one on the right, said he had already received two of these million dollar tracts earlier today and read the back and concluded that he was definitely saved. So I asked him what he wouuld tell me if I were dying right now before his eyes. He said that he would tell me to pray and believe in Jesus and he would save me. I told him, "Jeremiah, you're close." He said, "I am? What am I missing?" I explained repentance and told him that I was a pretender for a few years before I really understood what repentance looked like. I explained that you can't continue in the same habitual sins and then keep asking for forgiveness because it just doesn't work like that. He said he agreed and was happy to talk with me and then went on to articulate the faith quite well. Out of the groups of young people I talked with, he was the only one that I suspect might have been a Christian.

My son was a tracting fiend- he was handing them out left and right. He handed them to these two gentlemen and they kind of hung around looking to see all the different Celebrity Millions he had. As I walked up I had my recorder on and recorded one of the best samples of the types of conversations that we kept having all day with these kids.
Brandon & Austin

This is Brandon and Austin. Here is the recording of the whole conversation. It breaks your heart that so many kids are at an event where the preachers and spokepeople for the bands have their undivided attention and instead of preaching the entire Gospel and shattering any ideas that they have of their inherant goodness, most of the sermons by the bands were this "God-shaped hole in the heart only Jesus can fill" and "Jesus made my life better" genre. I wouldn't have believed it had I not heard it with my own two ears. It's this watered-down Gospel which is cranking out a generation of young people who not only can not articulate the basic tenents of the Christian faith, but after sharing the Gospel many aren't even sure they are saved. They are convinced that walking the aisle and accepting Him is all that is required. When pressed to define, "What does accepting Him mean?" the answer I heard most frequently was, "It means asking Him into your heart."

I tried to edit this so that I canceled out as much of the background noise as possible, but it was so loud. If the playbar doesn't work, I've included the link so that you can hear. I've only gotten this crazy playbar to work twice. But, the link will take you to the clip.