Friday, December 19, 2008

Creative Gospel Tracting


If you're looking for another fun way to get your Christmas Cash out there why not look for as many ways as possible to place tracts in restaurants?

Besides dropping a few on the floor, stick some in the napkin dispensers. You can see a million dollar bill on the counter and also in the stack on the counter. It just takes a second and nobody really noticed when we placed the tracts in.

Don't forget about the seats. You know you're always checking for change in the couch at home and people also lose change in the seats at restaurants all the time. Leave some Christmas Cash to find.

Can you find the Christmas Cash in this picture? Stick it between the pages of their dessert menu, tuck it back in so you can't see it and the next person that picks this up may find something sweeter than dessert- the good news of Jesus Christ!

If you are new to placing tracts and are just trying to work up the courage to speak to someone, try placing them wherever you go. You're still walking in obedience even if you do not speak to someone. Pray for those who receive the tracts after they find them. Pray that God uses the tract to bring them to a knowledge of salvation. When we as Christians stand before God on Judgment Day He won't care how large your ministry was or how important you were but how obedient you were. This is also a great way to train your kids to be diligent and diliberate about sharing the Gospel from a young age.

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