Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Tracting

The Christmas Season is here! Get your Christmas cash and hand it out everywhere. People are more festive than usual and readily accept Christmas cash if you hand it out without the usual reluctance.

Hand them out at :
  • Christmas Parades (check your local paper and find what parades are taking place)

  • Malls (kiosks, at the end of elevators, at the entrance to the mall, clerks)

  • Door Greeters (Wal-mart, Target, Sam's Club, etc.)

  • Gift Wrappers (While you're waiting for your gift to be wrapped, share the Gospel)

  • People you work with (Office parties, or others in the building you work in)

  • Neighbors (bake some bread or cookies and deliver them with a card and Christmas Cash)

  • Rest stops (if traveling, stick them in the restrooms or the rack holding information on attractions)

  • Waiters/Waitresses (hostesses, busboys, etc.)

    • Christmas Parties (These can be fabulous witnessing opportunities)
    I think you get the idea. This tract above is from http://www.customtractsource.com/.

    Here is another idea for sharing the Gospel using a tract. This link from Living Waters demonstrates the effectiveness of tracts. http://www.livingwaters.com/christmas/christmas_tract_card_insert.pdf. Share this document with your Sunday School class or friends and family who may be reluctant to share the Gospel or even hand out a tract. Stick these in Christmas cards that you mail out. Just like Halloween is the one time per year when potentially 100 strangers come to your door, Christmastime is when we all send Christmas cards usually telling about what our family did the past year. Click on the link, print it off and stick this in the card as well.

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    Karen said...

    These are great ideas!! I love the Christmas track :) I will talk with you soon!