Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Opportunities are everywhere- part 2

Yesterday, I shared a witnessing encounter and tried to share more practical aspects of being prepared such as praying before and after you've shared the Gospel, having tracts, knowing your testimony, familiarizing yourself with the "good person test." These are all practical things which will strengthen your ability to witness effectively.

After I'd finished witnessing to Jamie, I discovered that a friend named Lisa had over heard the encounter. I was in the very back corner of a large kitchen discreetly sharing the Gospel. There was so much activity and noise going on around I didn't believe that anyone but my husband knew what I was doing. Lisa said, "Hey, I can't believe you just witnessed to her. That was awesome! I witness too but I get stuck sometimes knowing how to transition the conversation."

This sparked a whole, new conversation about the importance of witnessing Biblically. She shares her faith frequently and also loves to pass out books to people when witnessing. I was able to show her some of the tracts that I carry with me and we began to role play. Here are some things that I shared:

1) Before you leave to go somewhere, check out the headline of your local or national news. The online news sites are replete with headlines that often involve someone's untimely demise. I find that the most successful stories are often the ones where someone dies unexpectedly. This is key to remember, we don't know the day we're going to die and these people most likely didn't either.

After scanning the details of the article, you will be able to engage even a complete stranger. Besides the fact that we are all going to die, you will have an instant rapport with someone when discussing a headline tragedy. We all gravitate towards tales of tragedy. If you don't believe this, try not staring the next time there is a car accident on the road.

photo by Chris Yarzab

2) Lead off with a question such as, "Did you hear about what happened in...?" If they have heard about whatever news item you're discussing follow it with, "Kinda makes you think about how short life is, doesn't it?" If they haven't heard of what you're talking about, bring them up to speed with a few details from the article and then use the above questions. Then follow with the question, "When you die do you think you'll go to heaven?" or you can say, "When you die do you think you'll go to heaven or hell?" Either way, you're going to get around to speaking of hell so don't worry if "hell" is not in the first question since many people don't think they're going to hell anyway.

3) When using tracts, here are some suggestions:

Curved Illusion- I showed Lisa the illusion (asking which looked longer the one on the right or left). She'd never seen anything like it. After you stack the cards, they see that they are the same size, one way to transition is by saying, "It's an optical illusion. Just like our eyes can deceive us, so too our hearts can deceive us by believing something that isn't true." From there, you can engage anyone by talking about how we sometimes hold onto beliefs that aren't true even though we sincerely believe they are. Then ask, "Do you have a Christian background?"

Million Dollar Bill- I also showed her the million dollar bill. Since the darlings in congress passed the $700 billion bailout, a really good line to use is, "Hey did you get your share of the bailout?" Most people laugh. Or you can just simply hand it to them and ask, "Did you get one of these? On the back is the million dollar question." The million dollar question is: Will you go to heaven when you die? That's a good way to transition once they read the question on the back.

Lisa was really excited that tools like this were available to help her share the Gospel. She wanted to order some to carry with her. As I was sharing these with her, another friend and her family walked in to volunteer. After I'd shown the "Smart Card" to Lisa, we showed it to Jill.

Smart Card- The instructions ask the person to hold their thumb firmly on the silver square for exactly 15 second. It says, "If you're a "good" person, it will turn bright green." Of course, it's not going to turn green. On the back it says, "'re just like the rest of us." The entire Gospel is on the back. It usually gets a good laugh and you can then share the "Good Person Test" with them, further demonstrating our need for the Savior.

Jill and Lisa both tried the smart card, had a laugh, and saw that it really does make witnessing easier to have tracts like these which break the ice.

Something to Think About- This is a little 12 page booklet that begins with asking what is the most common food people choke to death on in restaurants. It talks about the law, how we haven't kept it, we're not good enough, we will be judged, we need to accept the gift of salvation, it can't be earned, you must confess, repent, and believe. While in Los Angeles, there was a gentleman who read this booklet over and over while sitting and listening to the open air preaching and humbled himself and repented and accepted Christ that night! You can leave these when there isn't time to talk. Places such as drive-thru windows, ticket booths, payment at a restaurant, restrooms, are all good places to leave tracts. I'm sure you can come up with more on your own.

If you don't have any tracts, order some today. Click on the link in the "Resource Links" labeled "tracts" and check them out. The tracts used above are from Living Waters.

So, not only be on the lookout for evangelizing opportunities but also ways to strengthen the body of Christ. We were able to talk and role play as I shared resources with them so that they will be equipped for the next evangelizing opportunity. Not everyone in the body of Christ believes this is the "right" way to share the Gospel. Be prepared to educate them why this is Biblically correct and why it is incorrect and cruel to not tell people about hell and God's standard of goodness. Be prepared to give away tracts to other Christians just getting started. Carry enough with you that you can share should the need arise. Practice role playing with someone. You will be more confident as you try to witness if you're a beginner.

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