Friday, October 31, 2008

Tract or Treat

Halloween can be one of the best times of year for a Christian. When else will you have 50-100 complete strangers come to your door?

Don't retreat to the back of the house and turn all the lights off and watch a movie in the basement. Don't run to the church Festivals to escape. If you do go to a Festival, use it as an opportunity to witness. You know that the likelihood that all the attendees are Christian is very low. Churches use these as outreaches, but besides being a sugarfest, there is usually little to no evangelism. We are not called to be of the world but we are in the world and are called not to retreat from it. How will they know if we're in a holy huddle cloistered away so that we can't do anything to affect them?

We used to take the kids and go to church festivals during the trick or treating time. About 5 years ago, we started looking forward to Halloween simply because you can reach so many people. My kids like to dress up and they love handing out candy and tracts. It is the hilight of their evening! The first year we did this, we wanted to count how many people we handed out tracts to. Altogether, 68 tracts were handed out that year! This is a fabulous opportunity to hand out Gospel Tracts and candy.

If you don't have any tracts you can go to here and print off "Death Beth" cards for free. Goto ( ). You still have time. Click on my tracts link and be prepared for next year!

Engage the world!

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