Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Five Points- Welcome to hell! (pt. 1)

Downtown Atlanta

Bill and I went back to get on warmer clothes for Atlanta. We also hit our knees in prayer. We had no idea what we were going to walk in to. You are a fool if you do not pray before you hit the streets. This is spiritual warfare and if you try to do this by your own power, you will fail.

Little Five Points

Just some information about "Little Five Points." According to this website ( "It's a business community, a neighborhood, and inarguably the coolest spot on the map between Greenwich Village and the French Quarter. From a bohemian hangout with a cheap poolroom, our neighborhood has grown into a rich mix of art, theatre, and commerce. It's a tasty tossed salad embracing every lifestyle imaginable from Rasta to Gothic, and we welcome you."

Eventhough we knew that every lifestyle imaginable is welcomed, as we got closer, we could feel something was different in the air. The mood, the scenery, the people all progressively became more and more decadent. It looked like a cross between Mardi Gras and some scene out of a macabre horror film. We didn't know the Halloween celebration was tonight!

Little Five Points is home to a large celebration every Halloween. Bands play in the square, local vendors sell arts and crafts, and the highlight of the celebration is the Little Five Points Halloween Parade. The parade features local celebrities, bikers in costume, live music, hearses, several local marching bands, and many floats that are put together by community action groups and local businesses.

We parked and ran in to Josh and his dad on their way out from the same lot. We assembled at the theatre which was our group’s rendezvous point. We opened with a word of prayer and then agreed to meet again at 10:00pm. It was a few minutes after 7:oopm.

The Heckler Fairy

Our group quickly spread out in groups of 2 or 3. Within minutes, we had the first member from the “Little Five Points” team open air. He found a set of steps and began preaching towards the crowds on the sidewalk and in the streets. Within seconds, he had his first heckler who joined the group with bells and whistles on, literally. This is the only clip I could show because it had no profanity or obscene gestures. In the background, you can see our heckler who didn't even "heckle" anymore. He only attracted attention.

This guy gets the prize for “Heckler of the Year Award” for best costume and use of props. He was a cross-dressing ballerina with a beer gut, Elton John glasses and large black wig that stood a foot and a half tall above his head. He had fairy wings which he frequently enjoyed flapping. Just like the tooth fairy brings wonderful gifts for children who lose teeth, the Heckler Fairy draws crowds by being obnoxious within close proximity to you.

While our group member was preaching the Gospel this “heckler” walked right up to the man and started dancing in a suggestive manner to try to distract the preacher. Since that didn’t work, he walked up the stairs and around him while the lights on his bikini top were blinking while honking a bicycle horn and chiming a bell presumably taken from the same bicycle. He never said a word. What a blessing! Now if THAT doesn’t draw a crowd, nothing will! And, drew it he did.

But, darkness has no fellowship with the light. There were people who stayed and listened but there were also many people who walked by screaming blasphemy at the top of their lungs and flipping off our preacher. While it was aimed at the preacher, we know that the sin was committed against God. He concluded his open air sermon and someone else got up. Bill and I headed down the street.

Matthew 5:11, "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me."

Sarah the Mouse

The first girl I talked to was dressed as a mouse and walking with her friend. I handed her a Giant Money tract and began talking with her. Her name was Sarah. She believed she was a good person and I led her through the test. But, in spite of proving to her that she was a law breaker, she insisted that she was good enough to go to heaven. I used the analogy that in the court of civil law, a judge would never let a murder go free on the basis of the murderer’s claim of goodness. Likewise, God will not do that for anyone that breaks His laws. She agreed.

However, she still thought she was good enough. I didn’t mince words as I told her about sins of the heart. Hate is like murder, only it occurs in the heart. She claimed she had never hated. She admitted that she had lusted, but only admitted this reluctantly. She did not believe that breaking the law only once qualified her as a law breaker. I asked her, “How many times do you have to murder before you’re called a murderer?” She said, “That’s a good point. I see what you’re saying but, I’m not really that bad and God is going to take that into account.” I told her, “The 1st commandment is ‘Do not have any other gods other than me.’ This god that won’t punish anyone who breaks His law is only in your mind. He doesn’t exist.” I didn’t hold back the truth.

You must speak the truth to them, but be kind. Check your demeanor and tone of your voice. I was able to say this and she didn’t slap me, scream, yell, or walk off. I was gentle in my tone but did not compromise the truth. You are not doing anyone a favor by withholding the truth. But, there are times that people are not going to listen because they are comfortable being god of their own lives.

I thanked them for their time and moved on. Bill was listening and saw how to handle objections, but was also able to witness that not everyone is going to fall to their knees in front of you and cry out to God for forgiveness. He was still trying to work up the courage to hand a tract out because he had never done that before.

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