Monday, September 15, 2008

Creative Gospel Tracting

It's Miller time!

When getting ready to go to the grocery store make sure you have your list, your coupons, and your MDB's (million dollar bills).

Stroll on over to the beer aisle and cram the tracts in the large boxes like the ones you see in the bottom of the picture at the right.

Some of the boxes are easier to stuff than others. For the more difficult ones, fold the bill in half first. Slide the bill through the hand holes on the side of the box.

This is a quick way to get a solid Gospel message into the hands of people who may need to hear the truth. Always pray that the tract reaches the heart of the person receiving it. You will never know this side of eternity that you may have planted the very seed that the Lord brought to fruition in a future believer's life!

My kids love to put tracts in here. It's the hilight of the shopping trip! Although, it is a bit odd to over hear my kids asking, "Mom, can we go to the beer aisle now?" LOL!

Here's the link to order your own MDB's. Seriously, if you call yourself a Christian this is the absolute least you could do as far as doing your part to spread the Gospel.

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