Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I felt like I blew it

Have you ever had one of those days when you know what you need to do but instead you become a victim of "The Tyranny of the Urgents?"

I ran some errands and I had 4 places to go in one hour. I was in a mad race. I had my tracts in hand and intended to pass them out. But, when I got back home I realized I had not spoken to a single person nor handed out a single one! I just focused like a mad woman on my tasks and when it was over I thought, "What have I done?!"

I went to Best Buy to buy one of those converter boxes so we will have a functioning television in February 2009. I also needed a new blue tooth for my cell phone. The person that rang me up rung the transaction incorrectly and it took a long time to straighten out. I wasn't upset. Anyone could have made the same mistake, but I was so focused on the ticking clock that I lost focus of the ticking clock of eternity.

I used to not even give it a second thought if I didn't hand out a tract or tell someone the Gospel. Now, I'm so convicted if I do not. I prayed later and asked God to forgive me for being so focused on myself and my errands. I told Him I wished I could just do it all over again only this time with His agenda and not mine.

Well...as God would have it, the blue tooth I bought stopped working the next day. It was brand spanking new and was working just fine and then just stopped! So we went back to return it and I was able to hand a MDB to the exact same lady who rang me up the day before. My husband knew how troubled I was over my disobedience as I prayed I'd run into the same people who helped me the day before. I didn't know he snapped a picture of me talking to the lady.

Please hear me. My heart's desire is not to receive praise, but to encourage EVERYONE to share their faith consistently, especially you ladies. There are opportunities wherever there are people present. Take advantage of every opportunity! I fail many times because of fear, my own agenda, disobedience, but I keep striving and I don't give up. These are pictures of REAL people who may or may not know the truth. I used to be so fearful because I had been told by well meaning people from the church that I was going to offend them because they were strangers. I have yet to have a one on one encounter where someone was truly angry or offended.

Open air preaching is a different ball game altogether. You don't have to open air preach to be obedient. But what are you doing in your sphere of influence? Most people I share with are appreciative, but some are so profoundly affected. I am only a seed planter- nothing more nothing less.

I will never know this side of eternity if that one MDB was going to make the difference between heaven or hell but that is not for me to question. How obedient am I to the Gospel call?

How focused on God's business are you? How focused on your own agenda are you?

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