Friday, October 10, 2008

God brought the fish to me

Today I had a man come to install 2 programmable thermostats.

I was ready with a MDB (million dollar bill) I'd put on the counter. I couldn't turn down this evangelism opportunity when God brought the fish to my door!

When he was finished, he had me sign the paperwork. I gave him the tract and said, "Hey, here's a tip." He smiled and said he thought that was neat. I told him, "It's really your part of the $700 billion bailout!" He laughed.

Then, I told him it was a Gospel tract. I asked if he had a religious background. He said he did not. I asked him if he had ever thought about what happens to us when we die. He said, "No, I never really gave it much thought." That always floors me when people claim they haven't ever thought about it. I told him 10 out of 10 of us are going to die. He agreed that was true.

I asked, "Do you believe in God?" He said he did. I said, "The Bible says that it is appointed for man to die once and then be judged by God." I then asked him, "If someone said they would give you $10 million dollars for your eyes and could remove them without any pain, would you sell them? I mean, you'd have enough money you could "see" the world, right?" He said, "No. I would never do that. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere or do anything." I said, "Exactly! If your eyes are that precious, don't you believe your soul is even more precious?" He said, "Yeah, I do believe that. I see your point."

I asked if he was a good person and he said he was. I gave him the good person test. The look on his face began to change as well as his demeanor. He was no longer smiling and it was slowly dawning on him the gravity of his situation. I told him that I had taken the same test and that I had the same look he had on his face. When I asked would he be innocent or guilty he said, "Guilty."

Because he said he didn't have a religous background or go to church I wanted to make sure I didn't take for granted that he knew he would go to hell if he did not put his faith in Christ and repent before he died. I explained that God decreed that the punishment for all sin is death. I told him that is why the Bible says, "The wages of sin is death." I took him to the court of civil law to prove to him that God is GOOD and JUST if he sends him to hell for his sin by telling him he would not respect a civil judge if he let a murder go. He agreed.

I took him back to the courtroom and just as the gavel was about to come down to sentence him, someone shouted, "Wait!" from the other side of the courtroom. I said, "Rick, at that moment someone you don't know came running in and said, 'Judge, I've sold everything I have and I have enough to pay Rick's fine.' The judge looks at the payment and instead of pronouncing you guilty, He stamps your case, 'Dimissed due to lack of evidence.' How would that make you feel?"

He said, "Grateful and thankful."

I said, "Rick, THAT is what Jesus Christ did for you when he died on the cross for your sins. He was morally perfect and able to make the payment by his death for YOUR sins. All you have to do is believe by faith that what He did was good enough to save you, confess your sins to Him, repent (and I explained in depth what repentance means) and then do what the Bible says.

I told him, "You can't just say, 'I believe in Jesus and then try to be a good person to earn your place." I said, "You place your faith in Jesus' work on the cross because I have just proven to you that if your plan was to throw yourself on the mercy of the court, you'd be guilty." I then asked him, "Rick, where will you go if you do not accept Christ and repent from your sins?" He said, "Hell." He then said, "I NEVER understood this before. I've never heard it like this. Thank you very much for talking with me today."

I encouraged him to read the tract today and do what it says. I told him if he wanted to know more about the Bible start reading the book of John and then Romans.

He then thanked me again and told me he really appreciated me taking the time to talk with him! Those were his exact words.

Reason #277 why I reject the proponents of lifestyle evangelism: They told me that I would offend someone if I told them they'd go to hell without repentance.

Instead, I got thanked twice and told that he actually appreciated me sharing this with him! Don't believe the fallacy that you shouldn't tell people the truth about salvation and hell. You must speak the truth in LOVE but tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


Craig said...


I thought you did a great job presenting the Law and gospel to this fellow. Keep up the good work
Until the nets are full

Further The Kingdom said...

I just found you blog from Ambassadors Alliance. Great site! I really like it. I love your adventures. I need to spruce mine site up with better evangelism pictures like yours. Take care and God bless..


VangyBlue said...

That is so great! I love seeing stories like yours! (AA)