Friday, September 12, 2008

Fishing at Scarefest

I got back from the Academy two weeks ago and was looking for an opportunity to evangelize. It's always a privilege to unite with fellow Christians and spread the Word. I met TJ online from the Alliance and he invited me to join his group. There were about 15 of us. I met his wife Kelly tonight at the park and we took off fishing. TJ was witnessing to a man in the park.

For some reason, the park was dead tonight. Kelly and I took off up the street towards Rupp Arena because that's where I'd come from and told her there were a lot of people there tonight and some were dressed strangely. Lo and behold unbeknownst to us, we'd picked the night that Rupp was hosting "Scarefest!"

You know you're in for a treat when the first person you run into looks like they were hacked with a chainsaw and is wearing a shirt that says, "I'm not Scared. I'm not afraid. I'm Tough. I'm an Animal and I will eat you if I have to. No Fear!" She insisted she WAS a Christian. Couldn't we tell? Um, the blood dripping off the leg wound, the flesh hanging off the neck from the chainsaw injury, coupled with the T-shirt proudly proclaiming she was a meat eater outside a festival where you could summons someone from the dead threw me off a bit.

It was like Night of the Living Dead. Apparently, it was a Horror convention of sorts. There were people with blood painted on, goulish looking makeup, seances, an opportunity to talk with the dead through a medium, and magic jewlery all for one low, low price! I'm so glad it was bathed in prayer! None of us had any clue that this event was going on downtown! Had we known we would have passed out "Death Beth" cards. ( Most people were receptive.

I went to a group of guys seated for a smoke break and gave them some "Big Money" they took it but when we mentioned it was a Gospel Tract they scattered like cockroaches! One guy was interested and so I gave him law and grace and he was receptive. As I talked to him I got down on his eye level and lowered my voice so I didn't try to draw a crowd. His body language changed when I did this and he was more relaxed and didn't look like he wanted to bolt anymore. At least it got him thinking.

Then TJ and I talked to a mother (Debbie) and son (Michael) who were getting ready to go in and have someone contact the dead for them. They said they were Christians. I'm seated in the foreground, TJ is next to me, Michael is next, and his mother is standing. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy, I didn't take it.

They didn't claim to be good. I asked them to explain to me how to become a Christian if I weren't one. They absolutely hit the nail on the head. This guy wasn't relying on his works, he prays, reads the Bible, appeared fairly familiar with the Bible. He wasn't arrogant, was transparent with his struggles and walk, he said he was convicted of bad habits and changing those, and his mother said the same thing. I then said, "Do you witness to people?" He said that is something he wanted to do and was trying to do and that he'd heard of Way of the Master (WOTM), Hell's Best Kept Secret (HBKS) and actually called WOTM Radio and spoken to Todd "Freakishly Tall" Friel! I said, "Have you considered that there are people at this 'Scarefest' tonight that are needing to hear the Gospel?" He said there are so many that need to hear. But, what TJ and I were scratching our heads about was why they wanted to talk to "dead people." This guy was an enigma wrapped up in a puzzle. We thanked them both and let them go to the horror-fest.

Then, the hi-light of the evening was talking to the Buddhist Christian Professor from a Catholic college! His name was Dr. Don. Kelly's father-in-law started talking to this guy and asked for help from TJ. TJ and I both tried to get through the law and he wanted nothing to do with it. He was as pleasant as could be but he was very prideful. He said he was sick of Christians who were talking about law and the commandments, God's wrath, and never following Jesus' teachings. When we asked him what those teachings were, he just kept asking if we knew what the Greek word "metanoia" meant. He said Jesus taught us to love and that's it.

In one breath he would use the Bible and in the next when we tried to use the Bible just to get to the law and stay out of the realm of the intellect, he said that's no fair you can't use the Bible. Then he didn't want to talk about anything from the Old Testament. He said Jesus never used the 10 commandments. I said, "In John chp. 4..." he cut me off and said, "I don't care what John has to say!" I said, "This was Jesus' encounter where he used the law..."and he cut me off to say that those weren't Jesus' words and we couldn't know what he actually said. If you try to quote any scripture he didn't care what John, Paul, or anyone had to say. Exodus was in the OT so it was worthless and didn't need to be talked about. There was no pleasing him.

If it weren't for us crazy Christians we'd all be able to love and sing kum-by-yah. TJ tried to say, "So what do you have to do to be saved?" He answered, "You just have to love." TJ said, "But Jesus said that if my works aren't more righteous than the Pharisees..." again he was cut off because we were obviously too dense to get the fact that all we had to do was love each other in to heaven. We shook hands and parted ways was so sad. He's so prideful. He's so deceived. I'll be praying for Dr. Don.

Yup, just another normal Friday night in downtown at Ye Olde Towne Fishing hole! What a night!

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