Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fireproof is Awesome!

This was an awesome movie! This is only the 3rd movie my husband and I have been on a "date" to see in a year. Not because he is unromantic, uncaring, or hasn't "fireproofed" is own marriage but because there is usually nothing we'd like to see. Hollywood usually puts out such trash. Not anymore!

The 24-plex theatre near our home was sold out of the 6:40 showing so we bought tickets online across town at the other multiplex before IT sold out too! It was packed! We got there 20 minutes early and were grateful we didn't have to sit in the front row and that we got to sit together. It was crazy!

This movie portrays the struggles with the couple in a very realistic way. After the opening fight scene, you could have heard a pin drop in the whole theatre. Kirk did a fantastic job. His character wants respect but has done nothing to earn the respect of his wife. It also shows how easily women can be deceived by "advice" given by friends whether they are unGodly or not, especially in an emotionally charged situation. It also shows the struggles many men face but don't talk about. Both my husband and I were amazed at the number of times we heard men in the audience saying, "hmmm" or "ooooh" when the movie touched on either an attitude or struggle that Caleb had as you could tell they were convicted or identified with it as well.

We bought tickets for my divorced brother and his girlfirend to join us. I mention that he is divorced because there is a character that has been through the pain of a divorce. The movie gives hope to those who have been through this. It was very healing for my brother. I'm not going to spoil the plot.

What I was most excited about was the Gospel presentation! Praise God the entire Gospel is presented in a faithful manner! Although I did expect the character to start out with, "Have you ever told a lie?..." :)

If you brought an unsaved couple, I would explain terms like "salvation" afterward because those are such "churchy" terms that while many have heard before, they may not REALLY understand what it means.

There is enough humor and action (a.k.a. pyrotechnic displays) that no one will get bored. It's not your typical, "corny" (think "Gordy") Christian movie. There are even some nice plot twists.

Go see it and take another unsaved couple with you. Go out for dinner or dessert afterward and discuss it. It's that good!

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